Thursday, January 22, 2009

What I've Been Up to Lately

Way back in the dark ages when I first started this blog. It was mostly a log of my different Crochet Projects. It's been ages since I posted much of anything Crochet related. That doesn't mean I haven't been crocheting..cuz I have, quite a bit. It's one of my favorite things to do and one of the things I do well. My latest project is an afghan made of various sock yarns. Mainly 6 or 7 different striping patterns that I bought over this winter, although there are a few extras that are fom leftover sock yarn from other projects. I think it's the most expensive project I've done so far. Sock yarn isn't cheap and it doesn't go far.
This blanket is reminiscient of one I started ages ago when CDR was deployed for 8 months. I had planned to work on it all thru the deployment .Using a different sock yarn scrap for each block. I had joined a few other crocheters in a knit/crochet along. The blogger heading the knit along had been makingone herself and asked other bloggers to send her their scraps to add to the blanket and the response was so great. I thought, wow , what a cool have a blanket made of sock yarns from bloggers all over the country and world!! I asked and although I did get a small response it wasn't enough to get very far on that blanket. Every now and then I am able to add a new square to that blanket...but it's slow going. Since this photo was taken, back in 2006, I've added about 5 or 6 more blocks to it. Mainly the yarn I'm using for the new blanket in the picture above. I think I have one more yarn to add another one...Maybe once I'm finished with the new one , I'll try to whore for yarn again and see if I get any response so I can finish this one.

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