Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birthday Dinner

Tonight was our Monthly Neighborhood Birthday Dinner. Once a month on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month we go to a different restaurant to Celebrate whoever's Birthday is in that month. Birthday girl gets to pick. I'm not sure who it was this month. We went to Muroni's, a Mediterranean place. We've been a few times before. It's the only "High Class"restaurant in this part of Chesapeake. The food was awesome. I ordered Rack of Lamb with Red Mashed Potatoes, and Vegetables of the Day( which was squash ,zucchini,and peppers) . And I had Cream Brulee with Coffee to finish. Didn't bother taking a pic of that. We had a great time as we always do. It's great to catch up with everyone . Find out what their families are up to. Learn any juicy gossip about the neighbors that don't participate..etc etc.

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