Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Our second day in England brought us to the neighboring village of Knaresborough, where we toured out first Castle Ruins and Mother Shipton's Cave.

 The veiws from the Castle Grounds were spectacular! Here we can see a good portion of Knaresborough....

 I especially liked Mother Shipton's Cave. You can read more about it here: Mother Shipton
 The petrifying well was very interesting. The water from this well basically turns anything into stone within a few months. 
 Here you can see various objects in different states of petrification.

 In the museum are more items that have been petrified with the well...

The story is, that she was born here in this cave and that her and her mother lived here alone for about 2 years...
You can make a wish in the well by placing your hand in the water and letting it dry naturally...

After touring Mother Shipton's Cave we had lunch at The World's End. Again,there is an interesting story connected to this pub. 

The World's End stands at the end of the bridge pictured below. The story is: that one of Mother Shipton's predictions was that the 'end of the world' would come once the bridge as collapsed three times. It's already collapsed the owners named their restaurant The World's End.
 We ate outside on the back balcony where we had this wonderful view of the bridge. The food was really good. I had the BBQ Chicken with bacon and cheese and a side of 'chips'(fries), with a lemon ade(which is really just Sprite or something like it)
 Another interesting site in many of the  villages we visited were these, mostly yellow, bicycles all over the place. The Tour de France passed thru this section of the UK and these were everywhere. 

 This was our favorite!! LOL

 (Oh shit, turn left)

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


I know it's been quite a while since my last post. So much to catch up on, but the most exciting is that we just came back from a two week European Vacation! We spent most of our time in England visiting our son Nate who is stationed there in the Air Force. Most of our time was touring North Yorkshire. We did travel down to London for a day, and then drove down to Paris for a day! We had such a great time, explored many Castles and Abbeys. England such a beautiful country, so different from the U.S. We made so many new friends, Brits are very friendly and very welcoming. At least the ones WE met were. Granted, most of them were friends of our son. We also spent a LOT of time at The Blues Bar Cafe in Harrogate(where our son lives) It's our son's favorite place to hang out and they had internet!! LOL

We flew from Chicago to London Heathrow and then took a connection to Leeds. We then took the bus from Leeds to Harrogate, where our son lives. We spent that first afternoon in Harrogate, walking around, having dinner at a great restaurant for Fish and Chips and then went on the The Blues Bar Cafe to meet Nate's friends, and listen to some music(and use some internet...LOL)
Our son has a flat on the first floor of this house....

 Starting our walk around town. We walked this hill EVERY day...

 This beautiful park is just around the corner from Nate's flat. 
 More Harrogate...
Finally we end up at The Blues Bar Cafe... We were also very excited to meet our son's girlfriend, Rachel, for the first time. 
I have so much more to share, so I will try to be diligent in posting more updates about our trip over the course of the next few days. 


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