Monday, February 23, 2009

Almost Home..

sortof.....I will be flying back to Virginia tomorrow afternoon and I am pretty excited....

As much as a miss being with the CDR and want to start our new life up here, I REALLY miss being in my own's been nice visiting with the In-Laws....but......I think I am starting to wear out my welcome...LOL

I'm looking forward to being in my own house, with my own things, watching what "I" want to watch on TV...eating what "I" want to eat...etc etc. I miss cooking and baking and crafting and cleaning.....imagine that!
And , now that we've bought a home up here...hopefully it wont be too long before I'm doing all that HERE with CDR!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Offer Accepted!

So we decided to put an offer on that last was accepted! Someone else had even put in a higher offer...but.....they wanted a bunch of work done, and the realtor(who bought the place to resell it for a quick buck) didn't want to have to deal with all that, so he accepted our offer for the house "as is". We haven't decided how we're going to finance it yet. Hopefully that decision will be made tomorrow...we were going to refinance the house in VA for a higher amount and take the extra cash to buy this house and renovate it....but.....they want about $7000 in closing costs!!! WTH!! Forget it!!!!

It's really a pretty neat house...built in the 1880's....the inside needs to be all floors...walls stripped and painted , possibly some of the walls replaced...there are drop(fake )ceilings that we plan to take out and replace with real ceilings...the kitchen needs a total renovation as do the bathrooms.....we also plan to add a 3 car garage to the back of the house there. With a Master Bedroom Suite above it. I am trying hard to convince CDR to leave as many of the Historic features of the house intact.....not that there are THAT many ..but 'd like to keep the few there are.....he initially wanted to pretty much gut the whole house and completely redo the whole interior.....I think I've convinced him otherwise.

And the best news is that we should be able to close as soon as March 10th!! So I should be able to move up soon!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Zoo and Possibly a House....

Oh my the last few days have been quite busy here......on Tuesday we took the kids to the Zoo ..they had a great time....we got to feed the Giraffes, and the Lady Giraffe is going to have a baby any day now....the weather was pretty nice....a little windy but not too cold.

and Yesterday CDR and I went to look at a house that hasn't even been put on the market yet...and.........................I think we are putting an offer on it today!! It's a smaller , older home that needs a bit of work.......but it's pretty cute. Built in the 1880's, in a great old neighborhood. Only a few blocks from Quaint Downtown Two Rivers....and only about a block from the Twin Rivers. The location is perfect. The yard is a pretty good size as well. It will probably just be a temporary home to live in while our VA house still waits to be sold. Once it sells we can decide to move into a bigger , nicer home if we want. Although, I can actually see us living in this one indefinitely, once we get it fixed up....Front Entry into Living Room....there's a sunroom porch off to the left of the entry...There is another set of these leaded glass windows on the other side of the fireplace....The Kitchen definitely needs renovating....we may even knock out the wall behind the stove and open it up to the Dining Room....The Dining Room isn't too bad.....needs new flooring....we'll put wood flooring, I think....The bedrooms all need new carpet or flooring of some sort. Wallpaper stripped and Paint....ceilings redone...we might even knock down some walls and/or expand out.This is the Master....we think we can expand outwards a little. There is also a tiny room right next to it that will probably become a walk-in closet or maybe a master bath?The paneling and wallpaper will definitely come down and the carpet replaced!Another room....Upstairs bath.....needs total renovation....that white door to the right leads to a balcony off the bathroom??? why????
There's another half bath downstairs that I forgot to get a picture's lovely....brick accents.......ooohhh
Upstairs hall....gotta love the pukey green old carpet!!Back yard.....up ahead is the two car garage....there's an alley behind the house to get to it. CDR would like to build a new garage next to the house.....but I hate to lose so much of the yard...Back of house and more yard.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heat Wave....

Today it's supposed to be getting up into the 50s we plan to take the kiddies to the Zoo!! Should be a fun day..if it's not too windy. I do feel a bit of a cough and stuffiness coming on....hope I'm not getting too sick! CDR got a call about a new listing yesterday. It's an older home in town(no land) but it's supposed to be in pretty good shape, it's really cheap( would be a good temporary home for us..then I could move up right away instead of waiting on the VA house to sell) needs a little updating and it would probably be easy to sell when our house in VA sells and we then can buy what we REALLY want...He's going to look at it sometime this week, and then take me to see it on the weekend possibly.

Outfit of the Day

Monday, February 09, 2009


Last night was WICKED at last !!! OMG!! It was SUCH a good show!!! I just can't even describe it...everything was so wonderful! The set, the lighting, the singing , the dancing!! I absolutely LOVED it! I feel so bad that I got to see it without Drama Teen....It's coming to Virginia in May and I am definitely taking her!! She would have loved it too!!!

I was a good mom though, and bought her a T-Shirt!!LOL

House Hunting

Saturday we went to MIL's and then House/Land Hunting out east. Commander spent a little time shoveling MIL's driveway. It's been ages since I've seen a shovel!! Almost didn't know what it was for. So far the snow isn't getting to me yet. We went to see this old farm house..I really loved the property's about 5 or 6 acres..the house was cute and I would have loved it if it was in better shape.....the foundation was really bad though and CDR thinks we'd have to tear the whole thing down...The inside was quite dated as well, and would have needed lots of renovating, IF we could have saved it.The floors upstairs were on a slant!!And this old barn would definitely have had to come down.........which is really too bad because it was quite quaint and I loved it.So as much as we would have loved the property....and I really would like an old farm house...this one just wouldn't work for us.....On Sunday..... After Church.....we drove out to see a few pieces of land CDR was interested in....this one was nice...It's about 6 or 7 acres....

There's already one pond and there's another area we could put in another pond....The land is low lying though....and we would have to be careful where we build the house....and it would take a lot to get it ready...we looked at a few other properties we'd like as well...but this one is a contender if we decide to just build...honestly I'm really hoping we decide something I'm getting tired of living apart....I want to just MOVE UP already!!

These last few pics I HAD to take for Tia......see.... here I am a the snow!!!LOL My boots were soaked by the time I got back to the car though....need to find a better pair, as these are just not cutting it!

Wild Kids...

On Friday we took the kids to Wild Aire so they could run around and let off some steam.....They had a great time...wore me out though...LOL...Then later that evening we went to Holiday's for Dinner with CDR's Sister....

Friday, February 06, 2009

Flashback Friday!!

Participating in Tara's Flash Back Fridays again this week. Head over and join the fun!!
Christmas in Maine.....I'm not sure what year this is. I am there in the light blue dress....I look to be about 18 months ...which would make it 1966? That's my mom standing in the Black Jumper. My Aunt on the couch and my cousins, Donald( in red), Jean Paul sitting next to me, and Louise sitting next to my Aunt. Donald died on my 10th Birthday in 1975. He was 12 and was hit by a drunk driver as he walked home from the Bus Stop.

Quick Blog

I have a little time to myself before SIL gets back with the I figured I'd try to get a post in...My visits been far the ccccccccold hasn't gotten to me yet...granted I guess it's been a little 'warmer' here lately...It's funny though because yesterday I went out a few times with my SIL and she kept commenting on how cccccold she was ...and I kept thinking...really? it's not really bothering me yet.....LOL Everyone is watching me , waiting for the shock of the ccccccold to hit me and so far I'm fine and thinking it's really not too bad..LOL

so here is how I will be spending most of my days here. With these two adorable little hatchlings..and one rambunctious puppy!!! SIL babysits her daughter's children's been so long since I've been around such littles on a regular basis!! They are adorable and a lot of fun. Today, the plan is to take them to some fun kiddie place with bouncie stuff and games....

We were playing Hide and Seek...I was hiding behind the Chair..LOL


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