Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Zoo and Possibly a House....

Oh my the last few days have been quite busy here......on Tuesday we took the kids to the Zoo ..they had a great time....we got to feed the Giraffes, and the Lady Giraffe is going to have a baby any day now....the weather was pretty nice....a little windy but not too cold.

and Yesterday CDR and I went to look at a house that hasn't even been put on the market yet...and.........................I think we are putting an offer on it today!! It's a smaller , older home that needs a bit of work.......but it's pretty cute. Built in the 1880's, in a great old neighborhood. Only a few blocks from Quaint Downtown Two Rivers....and only about a block from the Twin Rivers. The location is perfect. The yard is a pretty good size as well. It will probably just be a temporary home to live in while our VA house still waits to be sold. Once it sells we can decide to move into a bigger , nicer home if we want. Although, I can actually see us living in this one indefinitely, once we get it fixed up....Front Entry into Living Room....there's a sunroom porch off to the left of the entry...There is another set of these leaded glass windows on the other side of the fireplace....The Kitchen definitely needs renovating....we may even knock out the wall behind the stove and open it up to the Dining Room....The Dining Room isn't too bad.....needs new flooring....we'll put wood flooring, I think....The bedrooms all need new carpet or flooring of some sort. Wallpaper stripped and Paint....ceilings redone...we might even knock down some walls and/or expand out.This is the Master....we think we can expand outwards a little. There is also a tiny room right next to it that will probably become a walk-in closet or maybe a master bath?The paneling and wallpaper will definitely come down and the carpet replaced!Another room....Upstairs bath.....needs total renovation....that white door to the right leads to a balcony off the bathroom??? why????
There's another half bath downstairs that I forgot to get a picture's lovely....brick accents.......ooohhh
Upstairs hall....gotta love the pukey green old carpet!!Back yard.....up ahead is the two car garage....there's an alley behind the house to get to it. CDR would like to build a new garage next to the house.....but I hate to lose so much of the yard...Back of house and more yard.

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Shalee- Be Speechless said...

I love all that wood accent in the kitchen! Very lovely!


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