Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heat Wave....

Today it's supposed to be getting up into the 50s hopefully...so we plan to take the kiddies to the Zoo!! Should be a fun day..if it's not too windy. I do feel a bit of a cough and stuffiness coming on....hope I'm not getting too sick! CDR got a call about a new listing yesterday. It's an older home in town(no land) but it's supposed to be in pretty good shape, it's really cheap( would be a good temporary home for us..then I could move up right away instead of waiting on the VA house to sell) needs a little updating and it would probably be easy to sell when our house in VA sells and we then can buy what we REALLY want...He's going to look at it sometime this week, and then take me to see it on the weekend possibly.

Outfit of the Day

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