Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today's Look

It's been ages since I posted my outfits....really need to get back into it. I dress so much better when I'm participating in a Fashion Blog and/or Wardrobe-Remix.

So here's today's Outfit...Earlier in the day I had to make a Menards(think Home Depot, Lowes...etc.)run to pick up some 1/2 in. Sheeting Clips( We are building a house) I wore comfy boots and a heavier gray cardi over the rest of the outfit.

This evening we are heading into Appleton to greet a bunch of WWII Veterans coming home from a trip to DC. One of the Veterans is an old neighbor of the Commander's. He and his wife often took care of him and his siblings when they were younger. His son wanted to get a big group together for the "Homecoming' , so we agreed to come. We'll be greeting them at the Airport. It's also special because Commander was a Submarine Officer in the Navy just like his neighbor that we are greeting.

Grey Dress-Daisy Fuentes-Kohls

Mustard Cardi-Target

Grey Cardi(first pic)-Thrifted

Grey Tights-Apt9-Kohls

Mustard MaryJanes-Target

Brown Suede boots(from first picture)-Thrifted

TurquoiseRose Necklace(no longer available)-mark.

Scripture Bracelets-National Shrine DC

Rose Cuff(no longer available)-mark.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Need to Pack

So, tomorrow I leave for Virginia and I really need to pack. But what am I doing instead? Putzing around on Facebook and such......LOL. I'm addicted, I tell ya. Anyways I'm heading to VA for my Best Friend's Daughter's Wedding. Yay! And to top it off some really good friends from my VA Church are having a Marriage Ceremony at Mass this Sunday morning, so I'll get to be there for that TOO! They've been married for 18 years but not in the Church.. so now they are having a Catholic Wedding Ceremony. I'm so excited! Two weddings in one weekend. It's going to be great! I should get to town in time for the Monthly Birthday Dinner with my old neighborhood friends on Thursday , and for lunch with my old church friends on Friday! And......I get to see the Drama Teen and Genious Boy!....she also has a wedding she's attending in Chesapeake this coming I'll get to spend some time with her and Genious Boy(he is still living in Chesapeake) in Chesapeake over the weekend, and then I'll head up to Harrisonburg on Monday to spend more time with her.Can you tell I'm excited? I REALLY need to pack! As an added bonus I get to get out of this freezing weather and hopefully enjoy some WARMTH!

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Morning Cuppa

Found this really cute Halloween Cat mug at the local Goodwill. Halloween is my all time favorite Holiday. I just love everything about it...the colors ( who wouldn't love ORANGE!! and this year I'm really rocking PURPLE--which CAN be dangerous here in Packer Country-I've never lived somewhere where I had to be careful what colors I was wearing on certain(ie. football) days of the week....) The weather(ok I could have done without "snow" in October....YES it actually snowed the other day!)but I love the crisp autumn weather . And Halloween is such a fun and easy major 'expectations' or potential for 'disappointment"...and Candy Candy Candy...LOL

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Things are Moving Along Nicely..

...on the Seven Lakes House. Floor joists have gone in and floor boards have been installed. The main floor framing has begun and is nearly finished. I'm amazed at how quickly CDR's Little Bro is getting things done. Yesterday I went over and got to help put up a few walls! Yes little ole me! Got to help build her house...granted I didn't do much...just helped lift the walls into place. But still , I'm glad I can honestly say I helped build my own house!!

CDR and Me

Posing at the "Front Door"..LOL


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