Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Need to Pack

So, tomorrow I leave for Virginia and I really need to pack. But what am I doing instead? Putzing around on Facebook and such......LOL. I'm addicted, I tell ya. Anyways I'm heading to VA for my Best Friend's Daughter's Wedding. Yay! And to top it off some really good friends from my VA Church are having a Marriage Ceremony at Mass this Sunday morning, so I'll get to be there for that TOO! They've been married for 18 years but not in the Church.. so now they are having a Catholic Wedding Ceremony. I'm so excited! Two weddings in one weekend. It's going to be great! I should get to town in time for the Monthly Birthday Dinner with my old neighborhood friends on Thursday , and for lunch with my old church friends on Friday! And......I get to see the Drama Teen and Genious Boy!....she also has a wedding she's attending in Chesapeake this coming weekend...so I'll get to spend some time with her and Genious Boy(he is still living in Chesapeake) in Chesapeake over the weekend, and then I'll head up to Harrisonburg on Monday to spend more time with her.Can you tell I'm excited?...ok....so... I REALLY need to pack! As an added bonus I get to get out of this freezing weather and hopefully enjoy some WARMTH!

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