Friday, October 31, 2008

Tricked Out

Well tonight was pretty much a bust...I had FIVE ..yes FIVE Tricksters come a knocking....I am sooooo glad that I bought over 120 Candy Bars to give out tonight....sheesh I only have about 100 left...THAT is not a good thing for a pre-menstrual , lonely, woman! I've already had a $100 Grand, and a Nestle Crunch and I'm working my way thru a Kit Kat........I think I'll bring a bunch to Church Sunday to hand out to all the CCD classes....and of course make some Goody Bags to Bring to my girls next weekend when I go up to Tech for Drama Teens first Gymnastics Meet(JMU is competing against Tech).

I think I'll go call the Commander now...maybe he can console me.....LOL

Trick or Treat

Are you ready?! Not too much longer and there should be little ghosts and ghoulies, ballerinas and princesses, pirates and superheroes knock, knock, knocking at my door. I'm ready for them...I have about 120 fullsize candy bars waiting in my ghoulie bowl( be honest there's only about 50 or so actually IN the bowl right now..)I don't know WHAT I was thinking, as I'll be lucky if I get even 40 Trick or Treaters...but then again you never know..some years we have tons and then some years we have no one. I guess I can just save the leftovers for goodie bags for my girls when I see them next week, and/or stocking stuffers at Christmas..that is if I haven't eaten them all up by then..LOL
My hat is waiting for me in the hall....
And now I'm ready ........Let the Games Begin!!
(P.S. My shirt lights up when I cool is that??!!)

Have a great Halloween everyone!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Errands....with Style

Yesterday I had a few Errands to run...I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm making an effort to take better care of myself and De-Frump.....LOL

Here is what I wore yesterday to run my errands:

My new DO of course......and that's my new Sweater from Penny's I mentioned a few posts's a grape trusty jeans...cute Olive colored suede wedges....and the Yellow- By Your Side bag from mark., I mentioned in the this post.

Two Weeks and Counting

So our house has been on the market for TWO weeks and we've had exactly O...that's right O people come to see it....I've had a few 'drive bys" was just a nosy neighbor..LOL....another one seemed promising....they drove by REAL slow ..stopped...took a flyer.....drove away REAL back by REAL slow...stopped again for a few moments...then a few hours later they (or another van that looked JUST like them) drove by slow again and stopped for a while...and drove away slowly...I was hoping to see them again one day this WITH a actually come inside...etc. ..but so far nothing....maybe this weekend...

If there's anyone out there looking to move to the TideWater region of Virginia....PLEASE come see my's'll LOVE it!!

Why not come inside for a tour......come up the Drive.....admire the beautiful Flower Bed and Fountain.....Up the steps of the Porch......hmmmnnn ...what's that code again??
Step into the Foyer.....and on in to the Living Room....Walk thru to the Dining Room.....and on thru to the Eat in Kitchen.....Now back down the hall to the Main Floor Bath.....and on to Bedroom #1 on the Main Floor....Now follow me on up the Stairs to the Second Floor....Let's peek into the Computer Room / Office at the top of the stairs.....and on into Bedroom #2...perfect for a young child.....Now let's check out the Master Bedrrom(bedroom #3)....That door leads to your own private Balcony....Luxuriate in your own Private Master Bath( that would be bath #2)Now on to the upstairs Laundry.....Cross the hall and check out the upstairs Bath #3......Then on to Bedroom #4.....Now we call this our Music Room...but it has many could be another Office...or an excercise room...a studio?it used to be a bedroom before we added the garage addition.....Now we step down in to the FROG(Finished Rooms Over Garage) This is my cleared out Craft and Art Studio.....nearly everything is now packed away.....And then step into Bedroom #5....this was Co-ed's Room...Genious Boy is now using it....That Blue area over there is a Loft Bed Co-ed Challenged CDR to build for her....she has him wrapped around her little finger...and can get him to do just about anything for her..If "I" want something.....I use her to get it for me...LOL...I know that sounds sad...but hey do what you have to.....Closeup up the "loft"....Now let's head back the Dining Room and out to the Deck thru the French Doors....( we just put these new ones in...)Spacious Deck over looking the Back yard......I have a Porch Swing..I'm leaving it behind for the new owners.....The New and Improved Firepit area......And last but not least a peek into the 3 car Garage....yes it only looks like a 2 car garage...but if you walk around and look in front of the black'll see a third stall....That was the Origional Garage...before CDR added on the New Two Car Garage...And finally the spacious Storage Shed.......this is Where CDR store his two riding mowers( this is a 3 acre lot) and other yard equipment and junk......I think we'll be leaving at least one of the Riding Mowers behind...

So now you've seen Chez Maggii.....Don't you want it for yourself?...who wouldn't want to buy this or at least come look at it?? I mean heck'd think I could at least get some lookie loos...

So if you're in the market for a home in Hampton Roads...and happen to have half a mil to spare......all this....could be yours!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just a Little Ironic Fun

For the Halloween Parade over at SITS
Couldn't resist this cute sign at Michael's a few weeks ago.....Our Realtor got a good kick out of it...LOL

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Gotta love it when you feel like you're being screwed over by your own insurance company! I had my assessment today for the damage to my truck. MY company will not give me the full price to repair my bumper because my bumper had some rust and they can't pay me for a 'new' bumper....but........there are no 'used' bumpers available so I will probably have to have a NEW one put like I might have to pay $188 out of pocket to repair my truck. This is for damage that I did not do...that I did not cause. I don't see why 'I" should have to pay for that. I would gladly accept a used bumper if one was is not MY fault one is not. I guess it's called a 'betterment'...they can't repair my vehicle to 'better" than it was before...I think that's crap.

At this point the other insurance company is not even ready to accept liability for my damage because they say the 2nd car hit me before the 3rd car hit him and pushed him into it will be a while before someone takes responsibility for my damage. Now 'maybe" the responsible party will be willing to do the 'right' thing and pay for ALL my damages....but probably not if they don't 'have' to. So I'm probably screwed out of $188.00. Thing is I could have walked in today claiming back pain or neck pain and probably had hundreds thrown at me...but.....I am a person of integrity and character so of course I wouldn't do that....all I want is my truck fixed. I'm not out to get EVERYTHING I CAN......just what I 'need'.

I'm starting to think I am not in such 'good hands" afterall.......

Monday, October 27, 2008

The After

Oh My Gosh! I LOVE my new cut and color!!!!!!

What fun today was!!! I dropped by the salon at about 1:00pm and was there until 4:00. Most of the time was spent coloring my hair. It was given an overall color of Chocolate Brown with some Reddish lowlights and some Caramel highlights. Then she took off about 3 inches and layered the ends and gave me wispy side swipe bangs. It's very similar to the cut I got at New Years(which is the LAST time I got my hair cut...I'm horrible about getting my hair cut)but the color makes it sooo much cuter!!!! I absolutely love it. I got the 'Church" rate, which is nearly half the normal rate, so I am totally a Happy Camper...LOL

Busy Sunday

Yesterday turned out to be a really nice day. I got up early for Church. Choir was 'interesting" as our Organist was not there nor was a Choir Director. With the CDR also gone, and the Drama Teen away at college that left me and two other members, none of which is a good leader..LOL. One can sortof of play guitar which is better than nothing. We pulled thru though and didn't do TOO badly....

Afterwards we had our Fall Football Friendsy Picnic. It was fun and there was plenty of food. Everyone wore their favorite team Jersey or other article of clothing. I wore a VA Tech Jersey. It's all I could find here, and since Co-ed is at Tech it works.

We had three bicyclists stop by... they thought we were having a fundraiser selling food, so they stopped by to see if they could buy a meal...we explained that we were having a Church Picnic but they were welcomed to stay and eat. They took us up on the offer. Turns out they were traveling from Pittsburg to Florida by bike, camping along the way. They were actually from Canada and had driven to Pittsburg and then started from there on their bikes. It was really great talking with them, and I think they really enjoyed the meal.

Then I went shopping with one of my friends from Church..She knew I was feeling pretty lonely and would be going home to an empty house so invited me to come along with her. It was really fun shopping with a's been awhile since I've done that. I bought a cute sweater at Penny's but other wise was a good girl and didn't spend much...LOL

Then on the way home I noticed one of the neighbors had their yard set up for a Hay Ride Party. I had known there was such a party planned for the neighborhood but didn't realize when it was going to be. I checked CDR's e-mail and sure enough it was planned for last night so I stopped over and had a lovely evening hanging out and chatting with the neighbors.

Now I'm on my way out the door to FINALLY get my hair cut( and who knows maybe I'll get some other 'fun' stuff done to it) A friend is going to be doing it . She owns a Salon. Here is my 'before' pic.. my hair is still slightly damp from washing it this morning so it's not the 'full' picture of what my hair looks like now. I'll probably have her cut off a good 3 or 4 inches.


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