Saturday, October 25, 2008

JMU or Bust

Last weekend I brought the Drama Teen home for a visit...she's been feeling a little homesick. She begged to go to JMU and then the week before we dropped her off she lamented that she should have chosen to go to Old Dominion(close to home). Now she wants to transfer to ODU next fall......CDR is hoping we can convince her to transfer to Green Bay University or even Madison. So far she is NOT interested. She wants to come to ODU so she can be near her 'friends". It's THEM she, not so much..LOL. Her arguement is that if she comes to ODU, she'll still come to Wisonsin for breaks and holidays and see us......but ......if she goes up to WI she'll never get to come back to Chesapeake to see her friends. I sortof see her point but then again, I fear that eventually her High School friends will either move on or they wont move ahead with her ..and she'll find herself on her own anyway. She's already had a couple of her closest HS friends pretty much dump their friendships since college started. I just don't feel choosing a school based on your 'friends" is the best idea. Of course I'm also being selfish because,really ,what I want is for my kids to live near me.

Drama Teens window from the outside....
Enter if you dare...........................................What a college dorm looks like.....pretty much what her room at home always looked like..LOLShe actually brought her dirty laundry home..LOL

Anyway it was a nice weekend. CDR stayed until Saturday night so he could spend some time with her. I drove up Friday to pick her up. We met CDR and her Boyfriend at Applebees for dinner. Spent Saturday working on the house and yard with Drama Teen's help. CDR left that evening for WI. After Church on Sunday Drama Teen and I headed back up to Blacksburg to see the Co-ed and have dinner with her. Then we drove to Harrisonburg and I spent the night at a hotel so we could run a few errands the next day..
Before she left we gave her one of the HUGE pumpkins from our Pumpkin Patch. It was so heavy she had to roll it to the car.On my way back home I pulled over to one of the scenic overlooks off of HWY 81. I wanted to get a picture of the beautiful foliage but none of the pics I took really captured it...the Trees were just so pretty up in the mountains.

Later I stopped at one of the Rest Areas with a nice view. I couldn't resist these cows across the street from the Rest Area....My drive home was going really well most of the day. I was making really good time and expected to arrive home at a decent time, which was good, since I was meeting friends for Dinner that night. I'd made it all the way to Newport News with out much incident. I was almost to the part of the highway where it opens up from two lanes to five and would have been home free, when traffic stopped suddenly! I managed to stop... the guy behind me managed to stop..... and before I could let out my sigh of relief..... WHAM!!!! the woman behind him smashed into him and pushed him into me! DAMN!!!!!!So now I have a smushed up bumper and a broken tail light. I was stuck on the side of the road for a good hour or so...waiting for the police to arrive then waiting for him to make out the report. From what I can tell the girl who pushed the guy into me is the one at fault...and will be responisible for repairs to all of our vehicles....I have an appointment to have my damage assessed on Tuesday. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to repair this least now I have rental car coverage. I added it after my last accident when I was without my truck for over two months. At least no one was hurt ...that's the most important thing. I actually kinda feel bad for the girl who hit us because her car was totalled...BTW I did eventually get home..... in time for Dinner even!

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