Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Gotta love it when you feel like you're being screwed over by your own insurance company! I had my assessment today for the damage to my truck. MY company will not give me the full price to repair my bumper because my bumper had some rust and they can't pay me for a 'new' bumper....but........there are no 'used' bumpers available so I will probably have to have a NEW one put on....so.....looks like I might have to pay $188 out of pocket to repair my truck. This is for damage that I did not do...that I did not cause. I don't see why 'I" should have to pay for that. I would gladly accept a used bumper if one was available....it is not MY fault one is not. I guess it's called a 'betterment'...they can't repair my vehicle to 'better" than it was before...I think that's crap.

At this point the other insurance company is not even ready to accept liability for my damage because they say the 2nd car hit me before the 3rd car hit him and pushed him into me...so it will be a while before someone takes responsibility for my damage. Now 'maybe" the responsible party will be willing to do the 'right' thing and pay for ALL my damages....but probably not if they don't 'have' to. So I'm probably screwed out of $188.00. Thing is I could have walked in today claiming back pain or neck pain and probably had hundreds thrown at me...but.....I am a person of integrity and character so of course I wouldn't do that....all I want is my truck fixed. I'm not out to get EVERYTHING I CAN......just what I 'need'.

I'm starting to think I am not in such 'good hands" afterall.......

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