Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy Sunday

Yesterday turned out to be a really nice day. I got up early for Church. Choir was 'interesting" as our Organist was not there nor was a Choir Director. With the CDR also gone, and the Drama Teen away at college that left me and two other members, none of which is a good leader..LOL. One can sortof of play guitar which is better than nothing. We pulled thru though and didn't do TOO badly....

Afterwards we had our Fall Football Friendsy Picnic. It was fun and there was plenty of food. Everyone wore their favorite team Jersey or other article of clothing. I wore a VA Tech Jersey. It's all I could find here, and since Co-ed is at Tech it works.

We had three bicyclists stop by... they thought we were having a fundraiser selling food, so they stopped by to see if they could buy a meal...we explained that we were having a Church Picnic but they were welcomed to stay and eat. They took us up on the offer. Turns out they were traveling from Pittsburg to Florida by bike, camping along the way. They were actually from Canada and had driven to Pittsburg and then started from there on their bikes. It was really great talking with them, and I think they really enjoyed the meal.

Then I went shopping with one of my friends from Church..She knew I was feeling pretty lonely and would be going home to an empty house so invited me to come along with her. It was really fun shopping with a's been awhile since I've done that. I bought a cute sweater at Penny's but other wise was a good girl and didn't spend much...LOL

Then on the way home I noticed one of the neighbors had their yard set up for a Hay Ride Party. I had known there was such a party planned for the neighborhood but didn't realize when it was going to be. I checked CDR's e-mail and sure enough it was planned for last night so I stopped over and had a lovely evening hanging out and chatting with the neighbors.

Now I'm on my way out the door to FINALLY get my hair cut( and who knows maybe I'll get some other 'fun' stuff done to it) A friend is going to be doing it . She owns a Salon. Here is my 'before' pic.. my hair is still slightly damp from washing it this morning so it's not the 'full' picture of what my hair looks like now. I'll probably have her cut off a good 3 or 4 inches.

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