Monday, October 27, 2008

The After

Oh My Gosh! I LOVE my new cut and color!!!!!!

What fun today was!!! I dropped by the salon at about 1:00pm and was there until 4:00. Most of the time was spent coloring my hair. It was given an overall color of Chocolate Brown with some Reddish lowlights and some Caramel highlights. Then she took off about 3 inches and layered the ends and gave me wispy side swipe bangs. It's very similar to the cut I got at New Years(which is the LAST time I got my hair cut...I'm horrible about getting my hair cut)but the color makes it sooo much cuter!!!! I absolutely love it. I got the 'Church" rate, which is nearly half the normal rate, so I am totally a Happy Camper...LOL

1 comment:

More, More, More said...

looks great! I still need to take pics of my new style and color!


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