Friday, October 31, 2008

Tricked Out

Well tonight was pretty much a bust...I had FIVE ..yes FIVE Tricksters come a knocking....I am sooooo glad that I bought over 120 Candy Bars to give out tonight....sheesh I only have about 100 left...THAT is not a good thing for a pre-menstrual , lonely, woman! I've already had a $100 Grand, and a Nestle Crunch and I'm working my way thru a Kit Kat........I think I'll bring a bunch to Church Sunday to hand out to all the CCD classes....and of course make some Goody Bags to Bring to my girls next weekend when I go up to Tech for Drama Teens first Gymnastics Meet(JMU is competing against Tech).

I think I'll go call the Commander now...maybe he can console me.....LOL

1 comment:

Michaela said...

That's too bad that only 5 kids showed up - I thought we did bad, we only had about 20 - I was handing out handfulls of candy bc I didn't want it in the house
I want to say thanks too for stopping by my blog :)


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