Sunday, November 02, 2008

Subsitute Teacher

Today I got to be a Substitute CCD Teacher... I've taught CCD for the last ten years and really enjoyed it. But, this year with the move and all, and not knowing exactly how much longer I would be here, I didn't feel comfortable taking on a class. Luckily our RE had a LOT of new parent volunteers so she really didn't 'need' me to teach and so I didn't volunteer for a class. This week I was needed though. The 7 th and 8th grade teacher was going to be out of town, and her husband who teaches with her is our Parish Council President, and we always have our Council meeting on the First Sunday and was unable to teach as well, so I filled in for them. It was great and I realized I REALLY miss it. It didn't hurt that the students were excited to have me substitute...I was their teacher for the last 2 or three years. I didn't realize they liked me so much. So all in all it was a great day and I look forward to hopefully getting a chance to substitute again, and to teaching again when we move to WI, if I'm able.

What I wore to Church today:

Half-way thru Mass I noticed my shoe is coming apart. I'm really disappointed because these are one of my favorite pairs. They are Vera Wang and I really would have expected them to hold up MUCH better than this. OH well...I'm going to have to go shopping and find myself a NEW Basic Black Pump....

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Jennifer said...

Gorgeous dress. Simple yet stylish! I'm not sure how long you've had your shoes but, you might want to consider contacting Vera's company either by phone or online to make a complaint. If you haven't had them very long, they may offer to replace or repair them! Lots of manufacturers have warranties they don't advertise-you have to ask to get it sort of thing. It never hurts to ask! Still, snazzy threads!


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