Friday, November 07, 2008

Off to See the Wizard

Well not exactly! I am off to see my girls though, and I am excited!! Gosh do I miss's been REEAAALLLY quiet around here the last few months...which I'm sure many of you with little ones are thinking what? is she crazy?.....I'd give ANYTHING for some QUIET and some TIME TO MYSELF....well believe me it's GREAT the first DAY or so ..maybe even the first WEEK or so....but...after that....not so much. I REALLY miss them all. Co-ed, Drama Teen, and the Recruit( whose really doing well BTW and loving Monterey and his new career in the AF..I 'think" he even has a 'girlfriend")Genious Boy is still here..but I don't see him much. Oh and of COURSE I miss the Commander more than anything. I am REALLY hoping he will get to come down for Thanksgiving. Looks like the plan is for all of us to go up for Christmas and I am looking forward to that.

So I'm off to VA Tech to watch Drama Teen compete in her first Gymnastics Meet of the year. As luck would have it Co-ed attends VA Tech, so that means a Double Bonus..I get to visit with BOTH of my girls! I'll be driving up tonight so I can spend a little one on one time with the Co-ed, and so I can stay the night and be bright eyed and bushy tailed at Drama Teens meet. I probably wont get too much time with the Drama Teen as I'm not sure exactly what the schedule is for her team.

I'm packing them a couple of Halloween Treat Bags ...unloading a bunch of that leftover Candy that's been sitting around Tempting me..I've been pretty good.. I AM eating some of it but keeping it under control and even managed to lose a pound this week. Yay me!

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