Monday, September 29, 2008

Leaving On a Jet PLane....

Off to House Hunt!!! Be back Friday!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Operation House

A quick glimpse of a few of the projects we worked on this last week.....Refinishing the Kitchen Floor...This job took a LOT longer and a LOT more elbow grease than CDR expected. We rented the sander and the guy gave him the wrong sandpaper. It wasn't strong enough so it took forever to sand the floor, and CDR had to do the edges by hand. What he expected to be a one day job turned into a 5 day job.

But as you can see it turned out BEAUTIFUL!I mentioned that we also Painted the walls and replaced the Floor in Drama Teen's Room. No more Purple walls, Bright Pink furniture or Leopard Print carpet!
We also put wood flooring in my Walk-In Closet. We had done the Bedroom floors a couple of weeks ago right before CDR's Retirement Ceremony. But we hadn't gotten around to the closet so we finished that up this week.
And we put Wood Flooring in the Living Room as well. You can see the old green carpeting there. Yes I DID pick that out many moons ago........but now it's beautiful Hardwood Cherry. I'll take some pics once I get the Living Room back together so you can see the Finished Look.

And here's Ambie...Plumb Tuckered Out! Poor thing. Between all the Home Improvements, Partying, and Visitors it's been a rough time for her! I hear ya Ambie!!

Pretty Presents

I mentioned in my last post that Julie over at Another Chance Ranch sends me pretty things...and it's true ..she did......Look what she sent me from her Recent Trip to Monterey CA:

It was part of a contest based on Information Given for her Trip to Monterey. We used to live there many years ago..before we moved here....It was one of my favorite places. So beautiful and so much to do and see nearby. The Recruit is now stationed there, attending the Language School at the Presidio. He's very excited to be there again. And very excited to start learning Korean!

Thanks Again Julie!! It's exquisite!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Little Late.....

but better than never!

Almost a month ago(Gosh I can't believe I procrastinated sooo long) Tickled Pink over at Pink is My Signature Color nominated me for the Brilliant Diamond Award:

When you are nominated for this award, there are a few rules that go along with it.

They are as follows:

1. Put the logo on your blog

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4. Add links to those blogs on yours

5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

So here goes:

1 Kerry over at More, More, More....I still love her Blog even without all the j.crew shopping!!

2. Chloe over at English Tea.....who has one of the most adorable babies in the Universe!

3.Andrea over at Sgt. and Mrs. Hub.....I covet her Gorgeous Red Hair and her Beautiful Children.

4.Laura over at The Peanut her life and doing what's best for her family.

5.Kelly over at Kelly's Korner....expecting her first baby and I couldn't be more excited for her!

6.Julie over at Another Chance Ranch.....I love reading aobut life on the Ranch , plus she sends me pretty presents!

7. and last but not least Heather over at Want What You Have...this one is new to me and I've fallen in love....

A Relaxing Saturday...Sort Of we actually got to relax a little.....CDR got a call from FPL(company he'll be working for) letting him know they have pushed back the class he needs to take until the beginning of Nov. So he doesn't need to be up there until the end of October, which gives us WAY more time to get things finished up down here. Origionally they had told him they wanted him up there at the beginning of October which meant this was the last week he could really get anything done, as next week we'll be up there looking at homes and property. We've been rushing trying to get it all done......after yesterday's call though, he is willing cut us some slack and not work us to the ground.....although I STILL had to get up Goshawful early to get things together for the Realtor to come by....sigh......

Friday, September 26, 2008

Party Onward......

And as if that wasn't enough Partying....the party continued on to our Home....

CDR arrives at home...look at him being all cool...and putting up the convertable top!

The MEN...being all manly and manning the Pig Roast...... ARG...ARG...ARG...
The PhunDoctors...Band we hired for the party.....funny story:
As I drove up after the Ceremony....we saw an ambulance in the carmates( CDR's Brother and BIL)and I all freaked, wondering what had happened!!! I thought maybe FIL who's in his 70's might of had a heartattack..or something....but considering he was in the Van following BEHIND us...probably not.....BILs' thought maybe the BBQ had blownup and our Pig Roaster was injured..... Band is the Phun DOCTORS...and they drive around in an old Ambulance....DUH!!! CDR Passing around the Bushwhackers....a specialty Drink he learned to make while Deployed...It's about 6 or 7 different liquors blended with a little Coco Lopez and some Ice.....I think it tastes like a Chocolate Milk Shake....VERY Yummy!!! Tents and tables were set up outside.....of course each 'group' gathered round their own 'tables' you have CDR's family.......My family( mom , dad, and brother were at another)

and here you have the 'neighbor" table......and off to the side with just chairs was the 'church' group........then there were the vairous work Friends of CDR's scattered round.....

The Band played until 10:30 and the party lasted well beyond was a total sucess and the whole day couldn't have been better if we planned it...which we DID!!!


After the Ceremony we had a small reception down the street. The weather was beautiful and CDR had reserved a Cabana across from the Beach.

The night before my parents and a few of CDR's family helped me put together this spread. It turned out wonderful. Everyone was impressed with it all, which was a relief. I had worried that there wouldn't be enough, or it wouldn't be 'classy' enough etc. etc.

Father Morris and Co-ed filling their plates.....interestingly nearly every photo I have of the food also has Father in it..LOL
and here is one of the most adorable babies in the World....this is my grand nephew? Actually, I guess, my First Cousin once removed or is it twice removed?....I have no idea how all that works.....he's my nieces son.....His dad is Army, so we think he'll get a kick out of this Photo..I told him we convinced his son Navy was Better!..LOL Navy Band played at the Reception as well......they weren't you can see below People actually danced!
Friends from Church dancing....
Mom and Dad dancing........they are actually quite good ..they used to go dancing all the time when we were kids...they even won contests..
My brother and my mom dancing. ...
Me and my Dad was 'interesting' to say the one point he got down to his knees in front of me ......ummm.....yeah
And last but not least we mustn't forget the Cake....isn't it AWESOME!! They did such a good job with it! It was much nicer than I imagined it would be.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time is Running Out....

Not much time for blogging these days. Operation House is in Full Swing. We hope to get the house on the Market within the next week. Since Monday we have painted Drama Teen's room and put in wood more Purple and Pink with Leopard Print's now White...with dark wood flooring. I'm not sure I even have any decent pics of the 'before'...I REALLY wish I had thought to take some because it was a AWESOME room. It's still really ''nice"..but not an awesome Teen Princess Room! We have also put wood flooring in my walk-in closet in the Master Bedroom. CDR has sanded down the Kitchen Floor for refinishing( he's still sanding as I type) Yesterday we pulled up the Living Room Carpet and put in a beautiful Cherry wood floor for some potential Buyer to enjoy!

Let's see what else? I think that's it for THIS week so far. By the end of the week we hope to have at least one more room painted , possibly two. Hopefully next week there'll be carpet installed in 3 rooms plus a hallway. We are hitting a time crunch now so CDR has opted to actually 'pay someone else" to do the carpeting. We also need to replace a set of french doors and two single doors. And we'll be tiling one of the Bathrooms...And of course once the kitchen sanding is done, there's staining and varnishing to be done....IF we have the time or inclination after all THAT...we may replace a Bathroom counter and sink or two.

So as you can all see....there's not much time for Blogging around here or really much of ANYTHING enjoyable!!! Next week we'll be flying out to Wisconsin to look at homes and property. We are pretty sure we'll be buying some land and building , but who knows.....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A 3 Hour Tour...

Commander Arranged Tours fo the USS Eisenhower( Air Craft Carrier) and the USS Scranton(Submarine) for family and friends for the 11th , the day before his Retirement Ceremony.
Everyone really enjoyed it, as most had never had an opportunity to be aboard an Active Ship or Sub...First we toured the IKE which is the Carrier he's been attached to for the last 2 years. He's been with the Command Strike Force for Carrier Group 8.

After the IKE we Toured the Scranton, a Fast Attack Submarine. He wasn't ever stationed on the Scranton. He was stationed on the Norfolk when we first moved here in 96' . The Norfolk was parked further down the pier...He didn't realize she'd be in port or he'd have arranged for the tour to be done on her instead....the family enjoyed it anyway.I even got my mom climb on down.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Retirement Pics

Here are a few pics from the Retirement Ceremony.....

Commander's Entrance to the Ceremony...
This was his first Boss in the Military, when he first joined as a young Airman in the AF. He came down from Washington DC to be a Guest Speaker at the Ceremony.
The Admiral Presenting CDR with a medal.
A Certificate of Appreciation From President Bush for all CDR's year of Service.
His Certificate of Retirement! WOOHOO!!!

Admiral thanking CDR's Mother for raising such a wonderful son!
Now CDR makes us all cry with his Speech. He even brought himself to tears!
Presenting CDR with a Shadow Box Depicting all of his Medals and all of his Ranks.
Presenting our Family with Certificates of Appreciation for all the Sacrifices we have made thru the years.

This is probably the most special and touching portion of the Ceremony. Presenting CDR with the Flag. It's a solemn moment as the Flag is Passed from Soldier to Soldier, each one depicting one of CDR's Ranks thru his 28 years in the Service. From his early years as an Airman in the Air Force, to his beginning as an Enlisted Sailor in the Navy to his later years as a Commisioned Officer. They each slowly Pass the flag from Soldier to Soldier , Saluting in between and finally ending with CDR. As the Flag is Passed a Poem about the Flag is Read Aloud.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What a Weekend...

Oh my.... What a weekend we had! The Retirement was absolutely wonderful. Everything Came together perfectly and everyone had a GREAT time. Family started trickling in on Wednesday, most arriving Thursday. The weather held out and we were able to have tours Thursday afternoon of an Aircraft Carrier and a Submarine(there will be pictures in a following post) . The weather also held beautifully on Friday for the Retirement Ceremony and Reception and Party at our home. I've been to quite a few Military Retirment ceremonies..but it's a whole different ballgame when it's your own Husband's. It couldn't have been more perfect. I cried I laughed, even the Commander had tears in his eyes, and THAT is something I've NEVER witnessed. The ceremony was just absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately the Recruit was unable to be there as he was Graduating from Boot Camp in Texas that very same day.

Saturday was spent relaxing at the Beach house that most of the family had rented. Sunday we all went to Monticello and then back home and to Rudee's for Dinner which was AWESOME! On Monday half the group went to the Virginia Aquarium..and the other half went to Yorktown/Jamestowne..then more relaxing at the Beach House, with a twilight stroll along the Beach. By Tuesday morning everyone was either gone or heading out, including the Commander, who even though he just 'Retired", had to go underway ONE more time. He'll be home this weekend.

Life is flying by in such a rush. At the end of the month we'll be flying out to Wisconsin for a house hunting trip. And the Comander will be heading up there soon after, to begin Working for Florida Power and Light( YES..IN Wisconsin!!..LOL)

Monday, September 08, 2008

The Home Stretch...

Family will be arriving on Thursday for the Blessed event, Commanders Retirement Ceremony. There is still soooooo much to be done, will I ever get it done?? I have tons of cleaning to do yet. Waiting for Commander to finish a few projects so that I can out a couple of rooms back together. IN the last week or so we've put woodflooring in a bedroom downstairs...marble flooring in the Entry and hall, and Wood flooring in the Master Bedroom. We finally got our Bedroom put back together last night around midnight!!! We slept in Drama Teens room the night before...

I have tons of shopping and cooking to take care of for the reception and party later. The other day I went shopping for a dress for the Ceremony. I bought 5 dresses and am not sure I have THE one yet. One of them has's hoping It'll work...I'm not sure that I have time to shop for dresses again in the next few days...

I'll b e glad when THE day is finally here and I can just enjoy it and stop stressing. It should be REALLY nice. He has one of his first Bosses in the Military coming to speak. From when he was in the AirForce before switching over to Navy. We haven't seen this man in over 20 years, but he's followed along Commanders Career and recently contacted us. The Navy Band will be playing. Our daughters will be singing the National Anthem. We have tons of family and friends coming in from out of town. It's going to be GREAT!


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