Sunday, September 28, 2008

Operation House

A quick glimpse of a few of the projects we worked on this last week.....Refinishing the Kitchen Floor...This job took a LOT longer and a LOT more elbow grease than CDR expected. We rented the sander and the guy gave him the wrong sandpaper. It wasn't strong enough so it took forever to sand the floor, and CDR had to do the edges by hand. What he expected to be a one day job turned into a 5 day job.

But as you can see it turned out BEAUTIFUL!I mentioned that we also Painted the walls and replaced the Floor in Drama Teen's Room. No more Purple walls, Bright Pink furniture or Leopard Print carpet!
We also put wood flooring in my Walk-In Closet. We had done the Bedroom floors a couple of weeks ago right before CDR's Retirement Ceremony. But we hadn't gotten around to the closet so we finished that up this week.
And we put Wood Flooring in the Living Room as well. You can see the old green carpeting there. Yes I DID pick that out many moons ago........but now it's beautiful Hardwood Cherry. I'll take some pics once I get the Living Room back together so you can see the Finished Look.

And here's Ambie...Plumb Tuckered Out! Poor thing. Between all the Home Improvements, Partying, and Visitors it's been a rough time for her! I hear ya Ambie!!

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