Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What a Weekend...

Oh my.... What a weekend we had! The Retirement was absolutely wonderful. Everything Came together perfectly and everyone had a GREAT time. Family started trickling in on Wednesday, most arriving Thursday. The weather held out and we were able to have tours Thursday afternoon of an Aircraft Carrier and a Submarine(there will be pictures in a following post) . The weather also held beautifully on Friday for the Retirement Ceremony and Reception and Party at our home. I've been to quite a few Military Retirment ceremonies..but it's a whole different ballgame when it's your own Husband's. It couldn't have been more perfect. I cried I laughed, even the Commander had tears in his eyes, and THAT is something I've NEVER witnessed. The ceremony was just absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately the Recruit was unable to be there as he was Graduating from Boot Camp in Texas that very same day.

Saturday was spent relaxing at the Beach house that most of the family had rented. Sunday we all went to Monticello and then back home and to Rudee's for Dinner which was AWESOME! On Monday half the group went to the Virginia Aquarium..and the other half went to Yorktown/Jamestowne..then more relaxing at the Beach House, with a twilight stroll along the Beach. By Tuesday morning everyone was either gone or heading out, including the Commander, who even though he just 'Retired", had to go underway ONE more time. He'll be home this weekend.

Life is flying by in such a rush. At the end of the month we'll be flying out to Wisconsin for a house hunting trip. And the Comander will be heading up there soon after, to begin Working for Florida Power and Light( YES..IN Wisconsin!!..LOL)

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