Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Fountain

Almost finished....The Commander got the fountain in place....he's adding a Brick Border...the Concrete base is set...he'll work on the Bricks this weekend..I HOPE!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

At This Moment......

I am listening to three silly teenage girls giggling and gossiping as they eat ice cream, which they just bought at Wal-mart in their Pajamas...LOL

It's going to be a loooooonnnnngggggg night...

The Real Housewives of Chesapeake VA

couldn't resist....everytime Drama Teens Redheaded Friend comes by they don my vintage aprons and play Happy Housewives...LOL

Here they are in the Charlie's Angels Housewives Pose!!

Spring Break.....

is in full swing here for the Drama Teen! Today she had a friend over for some 'girl" time...they watched Moulan Rouge.......and had a giggly fun time all day and night.....I always love having the Drama Teens friends around ..they are all so cute.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Our new Easter Banners! Made by our women's group!

Imagine my Joy when I arrived at church and who should walk in but one of my very best friends in the whole world....Her and her husband moved away two years ago and I was devastated to lose them from my everyday life......their daughter is still in the area and occasionally she comes to visit us at our church ...she is actually the Youth Director at one of the other Catholic Churches in the area so she doesn't get to come here often. It wasn't that surprising to see her at Church on Sunday though. We were happy to see her and I even asked about her parents ...she said they were doing fine....then.......the Drama Teen saw the Youth Director's brother walk in and then her parents!!! Oh my I nearly Cried!!

They invited us over for Easter Dinner at the Youth Director's home ...there were a lot of her youth friends invited as well and a few other family was awesome to spend Easter Sunday with such a great group of people...even more surprising was when one of the Drama Teens Friends from school turned up at the dinner....apparently he is friends with a friend of the Youth Director...small world!

Later we all walked to the park so the young people could play kickball....some of the grownups played as well but most of us just watched from the sidelines...LOL

It was just such a wonderful day....especially considering two years ago we spent Holy Week planning a Funeral for my brother.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Operation House

Operation House is still in full swing....DH has been home for the last week or so..and will be heading out again we are taking whatever time we do ahve to get as much done as possible.

This last weekend was soo beautiful , The Commander decided to take advantage of the weather to 'fix" our fountain.??? Apparently it was 'off-center" from the front door... and well we can't have that!! Who will want to buy a house with an 'off-center" fountain!!??? Don't ask....I did and got no answers...LOL....

So the Commander got the bright idea to move it over and 'center" it....problem being....that thing is HEAVY....not to mention the HUGE cement block it sits on.....the Commander foolishly thought we could just all help him lift it a move it....yeah right!! Then the Drama Teen gave him the bright idea that we could 'tie' it to the truck and pull it into place...I had my misgivings.....

I actually got the video camera out to tape the ordeal because I was positive It would be fodder for America's Funniest Home Video's and we would get rich when we won!! I had visions of the back axle being ripped off the truck...LOL( once, years ago...dh tried to use our RV to pull out a tree stump in that very same spot...and he literally DID break off the rear axle....that RV was stuck smack dab in the middle of our front yard for MONTHS!! I'm sure our neighbors LOVED us then)

Much to my actually worked ....and he was able to move the block...I'd post the video I took but alas it is quite boring now....LOL

In the meantime I spent most of the day inside painting our Kitchen they could be ready for Easter!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday

Due to our Priest being ill and still in the Hospital( he is doing a LOT better) we were unable to have our usual Holy Week a Group of us Women went to the Good Friday service at St. Gregory's in Va Beach. I felt it was a beautiful service...this is a much larger congregation than our small military community chapel.....but it felt really good to be with so many other Catholics in one place on this special day.

As we were leaving the Church we walked by this beautiful Rosary Garden....isn't it beautiful..I've never been one to do the Rosary, I really wasn't taught as a child. I only remember it from funerals. But lately we've been saying it as an offering for Father Richardson. It really such a beautiful meditative prayer.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

St Patricks/ Palm Sunday

We always do an Easter Egg Hunt at Church on Palm Sunday....this year the St. Paddy's day Celebration also fell on Palm Sunday so in addition to the Egg Hunt we had a Corned Beef and Cabbage brunch.
Here we have our Chaplain( she runs the Military Chapel that we hold our Services) with Our Main Cook. Bruce does all of the main cooking for our functions....he usually adds a Cajun Flair!!..LOL....Cajun Corned Beef and Cabbage!!!! LOL

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Oh my......I just read a more recent article on my cousin's murder and it's just sick....apparently it sounds like she had been abusing him(her son) physically and sexually for years! It sounds like they both just had a really messed up life...and he was married and his wife was also part of that messed up life.....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh MY Gosh!!

My mother just called . Apparently one of my cousins was Murdered yesterday by her own son. He strangled her. I don't have too much information . I was only able to find one story about it on the net so far. Wow...I just don't know what to think? I barely knew her anymore. We haven't been in touch since we were teens. I remember us kids and my mom going to live with her family when I was a child, while my dad was away with the Air Force. Her and her sister were a bit older than me. I was kindof the tagalong...I'm just still so shocked. Wow. - Lewiston Man Charged With Killing Mother

Dancing with the Stars

Does anyone watch this?! Drama Teen and I are watching, as one of the celebrity dancers is the aunt of one of her best friends....Marissa Jaret Winokur . She played the origional Tracy in the Broadway Production of HairSpray.Unfortunately we forgot it was on tonight so we missed the first 50 minutes... :(

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Signs of Spring

We've been having some warmer weather around here. I am sooooo ready for Spring.

We found this nest in our Garage. The Commander moved it to a tree in our yard. I really hope the momma comes back and can find her nest and takes care of her Eggs??!!

The Bradford Pears on the Drive are blooming:
As is one of our Apple Trees:
And it's warm enough to drive this:

With the top down! Love this car. The only 'good' thing about the Commander deploying is :

I get to drive this all the time , when he's gone...LOL

Father Richardson

As for an update on our priest. Well, he is still in the hospital. Since the last time I posted he got worse. He came down with a fever which took a while for them to get down. They had to use an ice blanket to cool him down. They finally determined the exact bacteria that was causing his infection. But even after treating it.,he was too weak to cough up the gunk in his lungs. They finally decided to do a tracheotomy, to insert a tube and suck the gunk out of his lungs. the surgery and treatment was successful, and they tell us he is doing really well and should recover. As well as an 89 year old who's been hospitalized and on a ventilator for the last few weeks can recover. There is still fluid in his lungs but the infection is gone. I think he is still on the Ventilator,but they hope to get him off it soon. He is aware of people being in his room and does try to communicate with them, by squeesing their hands and trying to look at them when they speak to him. We keep praying and so far the prayers seem to be working.

Oh My

So....I've dropped off the face of the Earth yet again.....

What have I been up to...let's see...

Last time I posted I was about to go see the Drama Teen's Encore Performance of School House Rock. It was AWESOME!! Better than the first time.

here are a few pics:

We worked on more Banners for Church:

Went to Lunch with the Church Ladies:

Rescued the Co-ed in Fayetteville when her car broke down...she was on her way back from Spring Break in Charleston. I arranged a tow for her over the phone from here and drove the 3 hours to get to her. She spent the weekend at home and then I took her back to Va Tech. We had lunch together at Cafe de Bangkok. She ordered Drunken Noodles and I had that my old standby, Masaman. Then we ordered some Banana Fritters for Dessert. YUMMMM:

The Commander went on Deployment for a few weeks...he flew in from the ship early so they could fly him out to San Diego for a conference. He was Home less than 24 hours. He's back now though , for a couple of weeks. Woo Hoo.

and we've gotten a little more done on Operation House. We started stripping the Wallpaper in the Kitchen right before the Commander Deployed. He wasn't quite able to get it all down before leaving so I finished and I primed the walls and got a little paint up. We still need to finish. I did remember to get a few 'before" pics this time though:



I'll post more when I have some afters.

We also bought some Marble Tile to redo our entry :

And that about sums it up...I'm sure there was a ton more that has happened but I just can't remember it all. I probably wouldn't have remembered all this, had it not been for the pictures I took. LOL


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