Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wisconsin Here We Come!

I just got off the phone with CDR . He just talked to the people in WI and they agreed to his terms( more money) and so he accepted their offer! We are moving to Wisconsin!! Yay!

I'm just so glad to finally know for it's time to start packing things away..Purging as much as possible... and get this house ON THE MARKET.

If you know anyone who'd like a really nice house in the Country, send them our way!LOL

How I Roll-It's REAL Life

Yay! Time for a new It's REAL Life post....

This weeks theme is How I Roll:

This is my Truck. Here is a view from the front. You can't even tell that it looked like THIS one and half years ago........Here is our Base sticker. The one that makes people salute me....Gosh I still get a kick out of that!! LOL
And my inspection sticker that says my truck is safe to travel on Virginia's roads...

This is where I usually sit.. it's full of crumbs because I'm constantly eating in my truck and I don't clean it very often.

My Rosary is usually hanging from the rear view mirror. CDR's Eyedrops that wont do him much good sitting there since he hardly ever drives this vehicle.Inside my glove compartment. Scissors from our trip to Wisconsin( I brought some crochet to do on the drive) Some paint chips we picked up at Lowes...receipt for something we bought at Sears??Drivers side pocket filled with trash...Various CD's...I have ecclectic tastes in Music...Faith Hill, Gretchen Wilson, Black Eyed Peas, Styx, and WOW Praise and Worship.The backseat is full of stuff to be donated at Salvation Army or Goodwill...... View from the side......

View from the back........We aren't normally 'bumper sticker" type people but I've made exceptions for a few on my truck...

From our Trip to Puerto Rico a few years ago....
An AU Tiger Paw( magnetic) I used to have one of those Magnetic yellow ribbons but someone stole it!!
and of course My Hokie Parent sticker....this one got me out of a speeding ticket right after the VA Tech Shootings. I need to put up my JMU parent Sticker now.....

This is the car I'd LIKE to Roll in......CDR says it's Drivable but we never do drive it.. it's not registered or inpected just sits here most of the time...everyone once in a while CDR will take it out and we'll "Roll" it around the block....

And here are a couple cars that other Family Members Roll in....Drama Teen Rolls with the old Mercedes when she's around.....and the Pontiac Sunbird is how Genius Boy Rolls.....

And finally This is how CDR his Mercedes SLK.......

and how "I" Roll when he's away...............LOL

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Decisions Decisions

Commander got home last night after spending 3 days in WI for a job interview. He was offered a position at a Power Plant about an hour from his family. Initially he was quite excited at the prospect but after talking to them he's not so sure. There are pros and cons. Pros are that we'd be near family, cost of living is much cheaper, we could probably buy a house or build a house on Lake Michigan, the money's not bad, they ARE offering us some pretty good signing bonuses and relocation money etc,it'd be exciting to move......Cons are it would be shift work for a few years, he's not sure he'll really 'like' the job, they aren't offering him as much money as he'd hoped, it might be hard to sell our home here quickly, being uprooted( we DO like it here), he wont have as much time to pursue other things( Church, music etc).

I'm kind of torn. I am excited at the prospect of moving and starting over somewhere, new house , new community. On the other hand I really love our Church community and friends here. And with Drama Teen starting her first year at college I hate to move so far way. And I'd just hate for CDR to end up stuck in a job he hates.

Anyhow CDR will have to make some decisions soon. I'm pretty much fine either way.I'd just like to KNOW what the outcome is: am I moving or not!!

In the meantime I have realtors coming out the Wazooo. Calling us every five mintues. One is coming to see the house tonight. A couple more tomorrow. At least they seem REALLY motivated to sell our home!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Simple Journal for Today

Outside my Window...a little bird is chirping.

I am thinking...I have sooooo much to do.

I am thankful for...some peace and quiet.

From the kitchen...I'm having a frozen Pizza for lunch( well not ALL of it...a couple pieces)

I am wearing...a knit sundress..nice and comfy.

I am reading...magazines.I have a magazine addiction.

I am hoping...things work out and CDR is happy with his decisions.

I am creating...a more organized craft space.

I am hearing...the buzzer go off constantly for my

Around the house....I have so much work to do to get this house market ready. Yes STILL!

One of my favorite things...starting over in new places.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... .fixing up the house. New flooring in master bedroom. New flooring in hallway. Entryway. Painting Master Bedroom and Bath

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...Little Miss Chirpy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

And She's Off

Drama Teen and I left Monday morning for Harrisonburg. We drove up with some friends of ours,whose daughter is also attending JMU. Move-in Day for Drama Teen was on Tuesday. The check-in process was quick and easy and the move-in went smoothly. We found a few boys with muscles (and a few girls too) to help carry in the heavy stuff. Drama Teen really wanted to carry her fridge in herself but the boys insisted on doing it for her. We got to meet her Room-mate, who seems very sweet. I think they will get along great. After some shopping and errands I said my Good-Byes. It was tough letting her go. I had the same feelign letting go of Co-ed that first year. Not wanting to drive away and leave her there all alone....

The next Morning my friends(whose daugher had her move-in that morning) convinced me to ride into Harrisonburg and make the drive home with them later that day. We were staying in a cabin about an hour away. I had been thinking of driving home that way anyway so it didn't take much to change my mind. I called Drama Teen to let her know I was going to be back on Campus. She had a volleyball tournament she was participating in that afternoon so I walked over to the Courtyard and hung out with her for a bit. I was going to take her and her room-mate out to lunch but after their game the team wanted to go and asked her to join them , so I told her to go ahead and that I'd just meet our friends for lunch instead. We said our Good-Byes yet again.

My friends were still shopping for their daughter and I met them at Target. I remembered that Drama Teen had said she needed a few more things. I had told her to just get them herself when she got a chance. As I eyed the hangers she needed, it dawned on me that we would be heading back to Campus anyway to drop off my friends daughter's stuff. SO I called Drama Teen yet again and let her know I was picking up the hangers and anything else she needed, and that she could meet me at the friends dorm. After our THIRD and FINAL Good-Bye my friends and I got on the road for home.
Sounds like Drama Teen is having a good week and enjoying dorm life. They have activities scheduled for pretty much every second of the next few days. She's already made a few friends and run into a few HS classmates. Gosh I'm going to miss her though. This is going to be a quiet year and my home will be quite empty... :(

Co-ed also left this week for her last Semester at VA Tech. I had to say my good-byes to her on Monday morning as I wasn't going to be back before she left. I'm going to miss my Sushi Pal!!!

Simple Journal

Check out Simple Woman's blog for more great Day Journal Entries:

Outside my Window...a slight breeze is blowing thru the trees...

I am Thinking..I really need to get a few things done here..

I am thankful for...this beautiful day.

From the Kitchen...I ate poptarts today.

I am wearing...a little blue country frock.

I am reading...all my blogs, catching up from having been gone the last few days.

I am hoping......Drama Teen has a great year at College!

I am hearing......crickets and other bugs outside.

I am creating..invites for CDR's Retirement Ceremony.

Around the house......I have loads of Housework to Catch up on.

One of my favorite breezes.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...working on the house now that the kids are all pretty much gone. Getting it ready to sell( yes looks like that might be a good possibility again)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

I'm going to miss these two...............

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Arlington Cemetary

As I mentioned in my last post, Our Late Priest Father Richardson was interred at Arlington Cemetary this past week. I'd never been, so it was truly an experience. The Ceremony was very touching and beautiful. Our Chapel rented a Bus with another K o C group. There were also many people who drove up on their own.

CDR-Does he look sharp or what?

It was a full 21 gun Salute....


Presenting Father's Sister with the Flag

The Commander and I


if you look carefully you can see the Washington Momument peeking over the trees in the far right corner

Poor Clares Dedication

Today, after Mass, a small group of us went up to Poor Clares for a Dedication ceremony for the Garden and Bench memorial for Father Richardson.
Lead me Lord was his favorite song.
It was a beautiful day and the Ceremony was really nice. A few of the Women in our Women's Group spoke, Father Francis who lives on the property with the Nuns, and says Mass, and does Vespers with them, did the Blessing and Dedication. Drama Teen sang 'I Can Only Imagine' and it was beautiful. Unfortunately I had the sound turned off on my camera so although I have great video coverage of her singing there is no sound :(
Father's Sister came up from Florida for his Internment at Arlington earlier this week and stayed on to attend our Dedication Ceremony. She seemed truly touched by the Garden and Bench we've dedicated to him.

Drama Teen and I

Afterwards we walked down to the Monastery for a small tour. Some of the women had never been there before so this was their first visit. We all bought Rosaries at the little gift shop the Nuns run. This is a peek into the Nun's side of the Chapel. They are a cloistered sect, so with the exception of one or two of the Nuns they try to keep separate from Visitors...They are mainly supported by donations and monies from selling Rosaries and other craft items they make. I 'm not sure how the Monastery was paid for. I think there was a donation from the Diocese, and then other donations to cover the cost. As stated in previous posts though, not all the work at the Monastery was finished so our Knights of Columbus council has been going up there for the last year or two now and trying to get some the the finishing done. This morning CDR and few other Knights from our Parish went up and did some painting in the basement rooms they've been trying to finish off.
Father Francis walking down to the Monastery for Vesters as we are leaving.


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