Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Decisions Decisions

Commander got home last night after spending 3 days in WI for a job interview. He was offered a position at a Power Plant about an hour from his family. Initially he was quite excited at the prospect but after talking to them he's not so sure. There are pros and cons. Pros are that we'd be near family, cost of living is much cheaper, we could probably buy a house or build a house on Lake Michigan, the money's not bad, they ARE offering us some pretty good signing bonuses and relocation money etc,it'd be exciting to move......Cons are it would be shift work for a few years, he's not sure he'll really 'like' the job, they aren't offering him as much money as he'd hoped, it might be hard to sell our home here quickly, being uprooted( we DO like it here), he wont have as much time to pursue other things( Church, music etc).

I'm kind of torn. I am excited at the prospect of moving and starting over somewhere, new house , new community. On the other hand I really love our Church community and friends here. And with Drama Teen starting her first year at college I hate to move so far way. And I'd just hate for CDR to end up stuck in a job he hates.

Anyhow CDR will have to make some decisions soon. I'm pretty much fine either way.I'd just like to KNOW what the outcome is: am I moving or not!!

In the meantime I have realtors coming out the Wazooo. Calling us every five mintues. One is coming to see the house tonight. A couple more tomorrow. At least they seem REALLY motivated to sell our home!

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