Monday, August 11, 2008

What a Week!

We've had a very busy week and weekend! Last week was VBS at our churh. The Drama Teen and I helped out. I was in charge of Spotlight Drama. What fun..I got to go to all the classes and take pics of all the kids in cute poses. Drama Teen helped me direct. At the end of each day I'd upload the pics into this cute slide show program that corresponded with this years VBS theme(Power Lab) and each days Bible Story. Some days the slide show would be an enactment of the days Bible Story..other days it would be an eactment of one of the songs they learned. Very fun. the kids and parents really enjoyed it! On Thursday Drama Teen sang one of the songs for the children, other kids and a few parents acted it out.....It makes me cry in the end when she tells the elderly Woman to 'fly to Jesus"......

On Friday evening The Commander and I had a Hail and Farewell to attend. The Admiral was taking a new position in DC. It's tradition to either Welcome new Sailors to the Command with a "Hail " and /or Say Good-Bye those moving on to other pastures with a "Fare-Well." We had dinner and drinks and lots of speeches, which amazingly were not the same old Boring 'war' stories....Later in the evening I was quite impressed to hear the Admiral praise the Commander for all the good things he accomplished while Under his command. It was nice to see he was so highly respected. Not that I didn't realize that before.....I know that he's very good at his job and is considered an expert in his field in many Military Circles. But it was so nice to hear the Admiral go on about him with what seemed to be geniuine praise and respect.

On Sunday , after Mass , the K of C had their Installation of Officers for the new year. I took a few Pics. They are given their new 'positions" and us women get to award them with their new Jewels. Then we all head over to a fellow Knights home for an afternoon BBQ. Good Food , Great Fellowship.

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