Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mmmmmm Sushi

Co-ed wont be with us much longer. Soon she'll be heading back to VA Tech for her last Semester. One of the things we both love is Sushi, and we try to get out and have some often thru the summer. This summer's been really busy and we just haven't had many opportunities to have a girls lunch at one of the local Sushi Bars. We noticed a New one opening up not too far from home. Amazingly enough Chesapeake has quite a few to chose from. Let's see, there's Yu-Mi Sushi, Haiku, Nagoya(which just changed their name ...can't remember what the New name is) , Na Na's, Daikichi Sushi ,not to mention we have a few Japanese Steakhouses that also have Sushi Bars..Chesapeake's not exactly the most 'sophisticated" city so it's kind of shocking how many there are here. And now we have a New one....OKU. We had some errands to take care of yesterday so we decided to stop in for lunch and check it out. We were very pleased. The place is beautiful. We were the only ones there for a short while and they treated us so nicely.

We ordered the Vegetable was twice as much as we usually get at other sushi places...which was great..there were plenty of each veggie for both of us...usually you only get one of some veggies and we have to try to cut them in half so we can BOTH have our favorites(not an easy task with Chopsticks..LOL)And look how Pretty they made it. Co-ed and I both agree half the appeal of these places is the presentation. The prettier the better.And then we ordered a few Rolls. First up was the Harbor Roll. Can't remember what was in them ..but this one was pretty good. And then we have the Marilyn Monroe(on right) and I can't remember the name of the last one. The Marilyn Monroe was to die for!! The last one not so much(which is probably why I can't remember what it was called..LOL)

Over all we were VERY happy and VERY satisfied and VERY full! We are gluttons when it comes to going out for Sushi!

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