Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weekend Plans

Tomorrow I drive up to Harrisonburg to pick up the Drama Teen for the weekend. I can't's been a while since she's been home. We're going to see Beauty and the Beast at her former HS Friday Night.
IF the weather allows, we HAVE plans to hit the beach Saturday, I'm not sure the weather's going to cooperate though :(
It will be great to spend time with her no matter what we get to do!

Today's Food/Excercise Journal

Woke up groggily again today. Not sure what is going on the last few nights I've had restless sleep. I didn't get up until after 9:00am today...and I had to drag myself out of bed, mainly because the cat was bugging me for breakfast...LOL


Had a homemade version of a ham, egg, and cheese was pretty good. Whole Wheat Roll, 2 thin slices of Honey Ham, 1 egg, and half a slice of Colby Jack. I had a banana and some Bavarian Mixed Berry Tea with one tsp. sugar.

I plan to do the Yoga Workout at 12:30 when it comes on....

Namaste Yoga Workout. And I did my 10 push ups for the day. (forgot to do them yesterday)

Making sure to drink my water thruout the day.....

Had a Lunch of Miso Soup, Apple Slices(half an apple) with Honey/Cinnamon/Peanut Butter (just mixed a heaping TBSP of PB with about a tsp or so of Honey and a tsp or so of Cinnamon)Dip, and two small slices of Havarti with Dill. And more water.

Here is my honey. A got it from a good friend of mine. Her husband started Beekeeping recently, and this was from their first batch. I'm getting low though....yikes.....need to see if I can get more. Maybe she can ship to Wisconsin?The weather has turned a bit chilly and drab....I think I'll just spend the day inside....decluttering...see if I can get a few more bags to take to Goodwill. Catch up on some reading.

The weather actually made a turn for the better and got a little I decided to head outside afterall and do some reading out on the balcony. Listened to the 'Tropicana" Channel on I could feel I was sitting by a pool on a Balmy Tropical's was very 'latin' and I enjoyed much so that after my reading on the deck I couldn't help but salsa dance around my bedroom for a good 20 minutes....I had a blast!!! LOL


I'm a little hungry now, so I figured I should have a snack....I was going to have some yummy Ice Cream I bought for myself yesterday...but decided to save it for tonight after dinner. So I'm haivng a thick slice of pound cake and a few Blackberries....with more water of course!


Dinner-Baked Chicken, Leftover Amish Potato Salad, and two Campari Tomatoes. I ate a little too feeling stuffed now.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Food Journal for Today

This morning I woke up feeling really groggy, and just not up to jumping into the Yoga Workout Immediately. I decided to skip it for this morning. I plan to walk in a little bit and then I'll do the Yoga Workout at 12:30.


Just had a cup of African Rooibos Tea( it's one of my favorites) with a tsp of sugar, and 3 thin slices of Pound Cake...


Went for my walk around the Neighborhood. I found a site recently that will let you map your route and tell you how many miles it is, Map My Run. Thru this site I now know that my walk is 1.04 miles....not bad....I've been doing it in 20 minutes...which is also not bad..IMO.( for a start). Hopefully in the future I can whittle it down and get it done a little quicker and/or I may need to go around twice to make it longer.

After my walk, had some more water then did a little housework...


I did the Yoga Workout like I said I would.....unfortunately CDR called me right before the I was interrupted and didn't get the WHOLE workout done....but got most of it..

After Yoga I had lunch ..I was hungry earlier but wanted to wait until after my Yoga workout to eat. I had a Campbell's Select Harvest Vegetable was 'ok' ..not bad...I think I will make my own next time though. I mainly had it because it was in the cabinet and I'm trying to get rid of food I have stored.....I have at least one more of these types of soups in my cabinets so I'll have that one at some point too. But, I really think I will stick to making these kinds of soups from scratch in the future. I really want to start eating more 'whole' foods and less 'processed' foods. I also had a small piece of French Bread with Butter, a small handful of grapes, and two small slices of Havarti with Dill cheese...OMG the Cheese was soooo good...I forgot how much I love Havarti! Especially with Dill.!


I have a couple of Errands to run today( one of the reasons CDR called...needed me to take care of some things on my end) So I'm off to run errands and stop by the grocery to pick up a few things.


I was supposed to have Choir Practice tonight and since I spent most of the afternoon runnign errands for the Commander, I figured I wouldn't feel like cooking anything nor would I have time I stopped at Subway on my way home. I had a Ham and Cheese on Wheat...with lettuce, tomatoe,greenpeppers, onions, olives , pickles, just a little oil and vinegar, and salt and pepper. Rather than chips for a side I opted for the two cookies , which I am saving for later. I did have a Dr. Pepper. I usually don't have soda , just once in a while. As it was, I didn't even drink half of it. I just wasn't feeling it. Oh, and I bought some Amish Potato Salad at the Grocery so I had that for a side.


I find the more I excercise , the more I WANT to I felt like 'moving" and decided to put the TV on Music Television ...picked the 80's channel and danced around the living room for an was soooo much fun!! I LOVE to dance.


Those Subway cookies were calling my name and I just couldn't resist.....I wasn't really 'hungry' for them but had them anyway. I was planning on eating them tonight I'm not feeling bad about it or anything. Plus, I feel like I had a really good I could afford them tonight..LOL

What I Wore to Run Errands:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


On Saturday Shelly Courington passed away. She was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer February of last year and lost her battle this past Saturday. Her family has set up a Memorial for her on the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund website. Click over to read about Shelly, and possibly make a donation.

She really was an awesome person. I first met Shelly back in 92 when her husband was stationed in Bangor Washington on the USS Georgia with Commander. They were Junior Lieutenants back then. She'd just had her first son, Jake and loved being a 'mom' . She was the most friendly , open person I'd met so far. Her family and her friend Joni's family moved into our neighborhood and she brought me into the fold. Joni's husband was also a Junior Lieutenant on the Georgia and they also had a young child. We spent a lot of time together with our kids while our husband's were deployed.

One of my fondest memories is when the three of us flew to Hawaii( without kids!!) to meet up with our hubbies who were pulling into port during a deployment. We all had such a blast. I remember the first morning after our hubbies pulled into port. Our guys had to go to 'work' all day and had to go in early...I had EVERY intention of rolling over and sleeping WAAAYYYY in.( I was the mother of 4 YOUNG children and was looking forward to a whole week of SLEEPING IN) ...only problem was I couldn't...try as I might I just could NOT sleep in.....and neither could Shelly....she called me up shortly after our husbands took off for the Sub, oh maybe 6:30, wanting to know what I was doing....I told her I had meant to sleep in but just couldn' she suggested we hit the 7:00am we were frolicking in the Ocean with Joni( who ALSO couldn't 'sleep in".) after a couple hours of beach fun we headed over to the Hale Koa Hotel(Military Hotel-Joni was staying there and the facilities are open to ALL military , whether they are staying there or not) We hung by the pool all day sipping Mai Tais and Pina Coladas...Then spent the late afternoon shopping in Waikiki.....

On another Evening we all went to a Luau with our hubbies....afterwards Steve and Shelly came with CDR and I to go Clubbing......after being denied at Chevy's because Steve was wearing Flip Flops.. we finally made it to what initially seemed like a nice little club......well............once we go inside it was a bit of a shock.....we'd inadvertently ended up in a headbanger type place...our waitress had piercing all over....handcuffs haning from her spiked belt....and sound of Metalica and Pearl Jam were resonating off the walls...LOL.....ok now some of you might be thinking,huh, what's wrong with that? ..but HAVE to know CDR....he is soooooooooooo NOT a headbanger type person...and here we were...a bunch of fuddy duddy's in Hawaiian Shirts and sarongs......there was a two drink minimum to get in we couldn't just leave...we all had a great laugh over that( although I think Steve and Shelly really weren't that out of their elements there...LOL)

This was one of the BEST vacations I'd ever had....then again it was only of the ONLY vacations I'd ever really had.......

Another memory I have is when Shelly hosted one of those "Intimates" type parties.....I brought my mom...hooo boy...was that an interesting night......

One of the 'games' was to see how 'well' we all knew Shelly.....the Consultant asked all kinds of 'personal' questions about Shelly....multiple choice...the one with the most correct would win....well......who won? MY MOM!! and she'd never even MET her...LOL
Mom won a wonderful bag full of little Penis Pencil Erasers( wonder what EVER happened to those???) of course now I'll probably get spam comments because I typed the word PENIS up there...LOL

Any way Shelly was just this really awesome , great person. Always doing for others...always lifting you up...pulling you in. She had the most awesome SMILE and used it often. I don't think I ever saw her without that HUGE grin. I just still can't believe it all.

Today's Food and Exercise Journal

I woke up today in time for the Namaste Yoga Workout on FitTV. I had a quick glass of water before the workout. After the workout I did 10 push ups. I've been trying to do these every day. It's been about a week and a half. The first couple days I did them ...they were HARD! Now I can get thru the 10 pretty well. I may need to start adding a few more....


Green Tea with about 1 tsp sugar. This is a good thing for me...I used to put 3 tsp in my tea...but lately I don't like it so sweet so I've been cutting back. And I'm finding I like it better this way.
Also had a small piece of French Bread with a smidgen of European Butter, and 1/2 a yogurt. I wasn't able to finish the yogurt, it was just too sweet for me today, and I really wasn't that hungry.

For lunch I had a small bowl of Miso Soup, some Wheat Crackers with Spinach and Artichoke Spread, and a handful of Grapes with water. It was a satisfying lunch.

I've worked on cleaning out more of my dresser and closet and have a bunch more STUFF to drop of at Goodwill later today.


Ran some errands including dropping off a ton of STUFF at Goodwill.


After arriivng home from my errands I had a snack...these were in the freezer....

Spent the rest of the afternoon sifting thru old pictures.....reminiscing.


Finally got around to having dinner ...starting to feel hungry....had more leftover Couscous...some Veggies with Ranch Dip and a Baby Belle Cheese Round, with Water. I've been trying to drink water thruout the day. I left a few bites on my plate, since I was feeling full already. I recently read Bethany Frankel's Naturally Thin and one of her 'rules' is to "leave a few bites" and not be part of the 'Clean Plate Club" I'm trying to incorporate that into my life. I actually really liked the book and felt it was all pretty good advice...


Starting feeling a little hungry so I had 3 slices of pound cake again....

Today's Outfit:

Around the Yard

It was such a beautiful day today and the yard is looking so pretty I felt I needed to share a few pics:

The Azaleas are blooming....
Tea Roses are also starting to bloom...these will bloom all summer, so I'll have an endless supply of roses all summer.I just noticed these the other day...not sure where they same's some kind of viney flower plant growing up in our Pine Trees?Our Peach Tree has a few small peaches on it......Fountain Garden....A few of our trees are covered in Ivy...This is some weird Tree/Bush thing....I have no idea what exactly it's huge and it blossoms in Spring then gets these HUGE leaves all over it....The Blossoms are started to fall..One of our Papyrus Grasses...this one is's taller than me...And finally I LOVE my Tree Tunnel....I love walking and driving thru it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Food and Excercise Journal for Today:

This morning I had every intention of getting up in time to do the Namaste Yoga workout on FitTV. I woke up around 8:00ish, but rolled over for just a few minutes and fell back asleep until 9:00 which meant I missed the Yoga workout. Oh well.....

For Breakfast I had a Cup of Coffee with sugar and milk and 3 thin slices of Sara Lee Poundcake.Afterwards I had a glass of Water.

Since I missed the Yoga workout, decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. Took about 20 minutes. Felt good. No bugs at this time of day and it was nice and sunny out but not 'too hot' yet. Came back and had more water.

The Namaste Yoga Workout comes on again at 12:30 so I decided to go ahead and do it before having lunch today. I really enjoyed it and really need to make sure to get up early enough to do it first thing in the monring.

I finally got around to having lunch at 1:30, because after Yoga I decided to weed out my Dresser. I got it organized and managed to weed out quite a bit of clothing for Goodwill....

For lunch I had some leftover Couscous and a salad.....My eyes were bigger than my stomach though, so I wasn't able to eat all of the couscous. I'm proud of myself for leaving some on my plate though, because I've always been one of those eat past full because it's there and it's good type people. I'm trying not to be that person anymore.
I also cleaned out my fridge today. It gets so disorganized and stuffed with stuff that half the time I don't even know what's in there. I have to throw a lot of food out because I forget about it and it goes bad before I can use it. I'm also having a hard time getting used to shopping for only 1 or 2 people....I used to have to shop for 6!

I've been reading alot about schedules. I've never really been one to try to stick to schedules...being a SAHM I was always pretty free to do whatever , whenever...but lately I'm thinking having some loose Schedules would be a good thing...even though I'm no longer a SAHM but rather a SAHW. Like for instance...Trash pickup is every Tuesday, which means it would be good for me to go thru my fridge every Monday....this way I could weed thru what's there. See what needs to go...see what needs to be used....and see what needs to be bought.


Had a Catholic Women's meeting tonight so I decided to just have a cliff bar for dinner, knowing there'd be snacks at the meeting.

I also decided to bring a bottle of Bubbly to the meeting. When CDR retired we were given about 20 bottles of wine and/or champagne. We aren't really wine drinkers so we still have most of those bottles and I'm pretty much living here alone there's no one to drink it with ....I figured tonights meeting was a chance to share a bottle with friends.

I got home around 10:30 and Genius Boy was having a crab salad sandwich so I made myself a small one. I was really good at the meeting and only had a few small snacks.

What I Wore Today:
Pensacola T-shirt-Tourist Shop Pensacola
Pink Ruffle Skirt-Rose's
Floral Ballet Sneakers-Target(2 years ago)

P.S. Yes this blog post is basically mimicing the posts over at TCL...I like her idea of posting everything she eats and her activities , with pictures. I think it's a great way to really SEE if you're staying on track.

On a Mission.... a better life. I've been wanting to make changes for a long time...and I spend a lot of time "talking" about it, without ever really getting around to it. So NO MORE....I need to just DO IT. One change I'm making( I've actually been making some 'small' changes in this area but now need to 'step it up" just a little) is getting in shape and getting healthy. I was going to mainly blog about it over at my OTHER weightloss blog...but you know, it's just too much clutter to try to mainntain two blogs and THIS is what my life is going to consist of for the next few weeks, at least, so why not just post about it here!

I also want to move towards a Simpler Lifestyle. I know I mention this ALL the time....and never really put in into practice, but I'm really starting to feel a 'shift' in myself, that I really am wanting to gravitate. I've made some progress with decluttering over the last few months , trying to sell our house, and I've learned I really can LIVE without SO MUCH STUFF. Lately I look thru my closets and realize I have SO MANY Clothes I couldn't even possibly wear them all in my lifetime....Why am I buying more? I feel myself pulled in so many different directions as to WHO I want to BE. What kind of will I will I act...I let too many outside influences have control over all that....I need to figure out exactly WHO 'I" want to BE....and just BE it. I need to figure out what LIFESTYLE 'I" want and stop trying to mimic the lifestyles of others. Or the lifestyle others seem to feel I fit...

One cool thing I've noticed is that lately I don't really feel much like shopping. I don't know...somethings changed...I'm content....I've been enjoying the nice Spring days. Taking care of me. Feeling better about myself. I want to purge more STUFF from my life...concentrate on myself somemore. Really step up the heatlthy eating and get out and move around I'm just going to DO IT!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday's Outfits

What I Wore to Mass:

Dress-Target Online
Pick a Posy Necklace-mark.
Rose Bracelet-mark.
Silver Scripture Bangles-Bascilica DC
Turquise Filligree Earrings-mark.(no longer available)

After Mass, I came home and relaxed in yesterday's Bikini and this Green Knit Dress from Walmart.


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