Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today was a day of relaxation. After I got a few chores done this morning, I spent a little time surfing some of my favorite blogs. One I was reading this morning is The Chic Life...she's in the 9th week of a 12 week challenge of making Small Changes with Big Results, which she calls SCBR. I hadn't read her blog for a few months, so I had been missing out on this really inspiring and encouraging blogging! So now I'm trying to backtrack and catch-up on her plan. It sounds extemely doable. It's about making small changes to get healthier and in better shape..It's not about losing a specific amount of weight , just about getting healthier and I like it! I also have to say I love reading her food and cooking posts. She makes healthy look GOOD and I've gotten some of my best meal ideas from reading her blog. I really need to read her more regularly.

Anyway, she also has a small food challenge where she is challenging her readers to incorporate certain 'healthy' foods or ingredients to their weekly menus. Again I am behind on reading about this so I missed out on most of her challenges..but that doesn't mean I can't catch up and apply these tidbits to my life today. One of the ingredients in her weekly food challenge was Tumeric. According to the post Tumeric is an anti-inflammatory and may have Cancer preventing properties. She challenged her readers to incorporate Tumeric into their weekly menus. I think this was back in February, so of course I'm a bit late in this 'challenge"...but...I decided to go ahead and try it today. For breakfast I made scrambled eggs, with onion , greenpepper,a dash of Cheddar and a nice dose of Tumeric..and you know what? It was REALLY tasty. the Tumeric really added another dimension to the flavor. It was far from bland...and I will be making eggs with Tumeric more often.

So today, inspired by The Chic Life I had Scrambled Eggs with Tumeric with a slice of whole wheat toast for Brunch( didn't get around to eating breakfast when I first got up. I was too busy getting a few chores done and reading ehr blog..LOL) . I did have two cups of Coffee. I then did a half hour of Namaste Yoga( also inspired by TCL) . Then I spent part of the Afternoon relaxing out on the Balcony with a good book( also inspiring) and downing a few glasses of water( it was HOT today) . The inspiring book I read today?

It was a really good read. It's a Christian based book on how to be a Diva like various women of the Bible such as Ruth, Esther, Deborah, the Virgin Mary, and Proverbs 31 Woman as well as a few others. It's not about being a spoiled, Prima Donna....but about being a strong woman in God's presence.

After a few days of Sunshine and warm weather I'm starting get a nice glow about me, and feeling totally UNstressed. I plan to spend the rest of my afternoon relaxing some more. I think I'll snack on a nice fresh apple after I post this blog, drink some more water, eat a nice healthy dinner and take a nice relaxing walk around the block this evening when it cools down a little bit. And talk to my hubby tonight,when he makes his nightly call....

This Afternoon's Outfit:
(this is why I put the blankets up on my balcony...don't want to share TOO much with the Neighbors...)
Sundress-One of my latest mark. purchases.
Pink Ballcap-bought last fall at a Tourist shop in VA Beach
Sunglasses-Lilly P a recent eBay Purchase!

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