Saturday, April 25, 2009


In keeping with today's theme I had a really yummy, relatively healthy, dinner. I marinated a boneless porkchop( I was just watching Cooking with Sam on FitTV and it said Skinless Chicken has more fat than Boneless Pork Chops) in some Raspberry Vinaigrette mixed with a little bit of Chinese Sauce( I"m trying to use up what I can in my fridge in anticipation of my impending move sometime in the next century). And I sauteed some Onion, Zucchini and Yellow Squash...nothing fancy just sauteed in a little bit of butter with salt and pepper...and that was it...and it was REALLY good....this was extrememly easy and only took maybe 15 minutes to make( I did marinate the chops earlier today)...sometimes 'simple' is more than enough.I did also have a glass of what I'm calling "Cheater Margarita"....It comes in a box with a spigot ( kinda like "wine in a box" except it's "margarita in a box") ..It's actually quite good and now I can have a 'ready made" Margarita any time I want...LOL

Updated to add:

I took my walk around the took me about 25 minutes walking atg a good clip. Man am I out of shape though. I started getting aches and pains right away....but then as I came to the end of my walk they were gone and I was feeling ok. I really just need to get out regularly a DO it! One 'good' thing about being so out of shape, is that I will probably start to see and feel results pretty quickly which should help to keep me motivated....I think I will try to blog daily about these new 'changes' I'm trying to make on my old weightloss blog. I'll post here occasionally too ,but want to keep the bulk of the posts about eating right and excercising over there.


Milehimama said...

I love the pattern on your plate!

And I have zucc and yellow squash in my fridge right now... I love 'em!

Maggii said...

Got the plates at Target recently....there were some kinda like them, I'd seen recently at some of the pricier stores that I loved...and when I saw these...they are soo close to what I wanted so, I splurged and got them. ( they were way cheaper than the ones I saw at the pricey stores...) They have little bluebirds on the branches..


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