Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Food Journal for Today

This morning I woke up feeling really groggy, and just not up to jumping into the Yoga Workout Immediately. I decided to skip it for this morning. I plan to walk in a little bit and then I'll do the Yoga Workout at 12:30.


Just had a cup of African Rooibos Tea( it's one of my favorites) with a tsp of sugar, and 3 thin slices of Pound Cake...


Went for my walk around the Neighborhood. I found a site recently that will let you map your route and tell you how many miles it is, Map My Run. Thru this site I now know that my walk is 1.04 miles....not bad....I've been doing it in 20 minutes...which is also not bad..IMO.( for a start). Hopefully in the future I can whittle it down and get it done a little quicker and/or I may need to go around twice to make it longer.

After my walk, had some more water then did a little housework...


I did the Yoga Workout like I said I would.....unfortunately CDR called me right before the I was interrupted and didn't get the WHOLE workout done....but got most of it..

After Yoga I had lunch ..I was hungry earlier but wanted to wait until after my Yoga workout to eat. I had a Campbell's Select Harvest Vegetable was 'ok' ..not bad...I think I will make my own next time though. I mainly had it because it was in the cabinet and I'm trying to get rid of food I have stored.....I have at least one more of these types of soups in my cabinets so I'll have that one at some point too. But, I really think I will stick to making these kinds of soups from scratch in the future. I really want to start eating more 'whole' foods and less 'processed' foods. I also had a small piece of French Bread with Butter, a small handful of grapes, and two small slices of Havarti with Dill cheese...OMG the Cheese was soooo good...I forgot how much I love Havarti! Especially with Dill.!


I have a couple of Errands to run today( one of the reasons CDR called...needed me to take care of some things on my end) So I'm off to run errands and stop by the grocery to pick up a few things.


I was supposed to have Choir Practice tonight and since I spent most of the afternoon runnign errands for the Commander, I figured I wouldn't feel like cooking anything nor would I have time I stopped at Subway on my way home. I had a Ham and Cheese on Wheat...with lettuce, tomatoe,greenpeppers, onions, olives , pickles, just a little oil and vinegar, and salt and pepper. Rather than chips for a side I opted for the two cookies , which I am saving for later. I did have a Dr. Pepper. I usually don't have soda , just once in a while. As it was, I didn't even drink half of it. I just wasn't feeling it. Oh, and I bought some Amish Potato Salad at the Grocery so I had that for a side.


I find the more I excercise , the more I WANT to I felt like 'moving" and decided to put the TV on Music Television ...picked the 80's channel and danced around the living room for an was soooo much fun!! I LOVE to dance.


Those Subway cookies were calling my name and I just couldn't resist.....I wasn't really 'hungry' for them but had them anyway. I was planning on eating them tonight I'm not feeling bad about it or anything. Plus, I feel like I had a really good I could afford them tonight..LOL

What I Wore to Run Errands:

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