Monday, April 06, 2009


The Commander is here for the next few days so as you can all imagine I am quite the Happy Camper this week. We had beautiful weather here this weekend...I am REALLY starting to rethink this whole relocating to the Frozen Tundra thing...I'm thinking a nice Big Southern Plantation Home would be nice!! I have a feeling after a couple years of shoveling snow and driving to work in the frigid cold...CDR might agree..LOL. So who knows what the FUTURE future will hold...for now we'll fix up our cute old fixer upper and enjoy what Two Rivers Wisconsin has to offer. It actually sounds like a really neat little town and I plan to make the best of my life there , no matter how long or the meantime I am enjoying this short visit with my Husband and his Brother.

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Anonymous said...

Even though winters here suck, big time, it's a trade off. Summer and Fall in Wisconsin...there is nothing like 'em. State parks are in abundance, as well as community and nature areas. There is ALWAYS something to do...our outdoor season is so short, every community crams everything possible into that short time period. On a summer weekend, you'll have 10 choices of things to do, minimum.

And, you're not all that far from Milwaukee and that is the "city of fun" in summer...Summerfest, ethnic festivals every other weekend or so, State Fair, live music outdoors...the lists really are endless.

I have my own beef with this state and I spend months of each year dreaming of living elsewhere...then, it's summer and I wouldn't live anywhere else.

Whatever your future holds, jump on what Wisconsin is, and has, while you're here. I promise, you won't be disappointed.


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