Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today's Food and Exercise Journal

I woke up today in time for the Namaste Yoga Workout on FitTV. I had a quick glass of water before the workout. After the workout I did 10 push ups. I've been trying to do these every day. It's been about a week and a half. The first couple days I did them ...they were HARD! Now I can get thru the 10 pretty well. I may need to start adding a few more....


Green Tea with about 1 tsp sugar. This is a good thing for me...I used to put 3 tsp in my tea...but lately I don't like it so sweet so I've been cutting back. And I'm finding I like it better this way.
Also had a small piece of French Bread with a smidgen of European Butter, and 1/2 a yogurt. I wasn't able to finish the yogurt, it was just too sweet for me today, and I really wasn't that hungry.

For lunch I had a small bowl of Miso Soup, some Wheat Crackers with Spinach and Artichoke Spread, and a handful of Grapes with water. It was a satisfying lunch.

I've worked on cleaning out more of my dresser and closet and have a bunch more STUFF to drop of at Goodwill later today.


Ran some errands including dropping off a ton of STUFF at Goodwill.


After arriivng home from my errands I had a snack...these were in the freezer....

Spent the rest of the afternoon sifting thru old pictures.....reminiscing.


Finally got around to having dinner ...starting to feel hungry....had more leftover Couscous...some Veggies with Ranch Dip and a Baby Belle Cheese Round, with Water. I've been trying to drink water thruout the day. I left a few bites on my plate, since I was feeling full already. I recently read Bethany Frankel's Naturally Thin and one of her 'rules' is to "leave a few bites" and not be part of the 'Clean Plate Club"....so I'm trying to incorporate that into my life. I actually really liked the book and felt it was all pretty good advice...


Starting feeling a little hungry so I had 3 slices of pound cake again....

Today's Outfit:

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