Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enjoying Life

I've been a little scarce these days..Nothing special going on , just enjoying these beautiful days we've been having. Trying to catch up on some of my reading...enjoying the outdoors and taking care of myself. I've taken to sitting out on my balcony reading and enjoying the view of green grass, green trees, birds, and blue skies. I've also been inspired by a few bloggers to get back to my Crochet. In May my Church is having our Third Annual Charity Baby Shower. We basically have a fun 'shower" party and all the 'gifts' get donated to a local children's charity. We also collect donations of baby items thruout April and May each week at our Church. And a monetary donation is also made by our Church in honor of all the "Moms" . Rather than each 'mommy" getting a Carnation or Rose on Mother's Day , our Chapel allows us to donate the money that would have been spent on them to a Charity of our choice. I love crocheting 'baby' items, so I usually make a bunch of baby blankets to donate. This year will be no different. I've started on one this week that I absolutely love...although I think this one will go to my niece who's expecting her first daughter( she has 3 boys already) in a couple of months. I'm really enjoying this one though I think I'll make a few more to donate.

There's also something about warm spring weather to inspire one to a little self improvement. The weather being nice enough to walk and get a little outdoor excercise...the warmer weather also implores me to eat a little lighter...enjoying more fruits and veggies and to drink more water. As much as I miss the Commander, I realize that these final months apart can be viewed as a small gift to myself. A time to renew, and really devote to ME. Taking care of ME. Preparing myself for a time when I can again take care of HIM. I do miss taking care of HIM though. Lately he's been sujected to microwaved meals and working so hard to get the house ready for my arrival. The other day he told me the neighbor across the street came by with some homemade Carrot Cake, and I was so grateful for her kind gesture. I can't wait to get up there though and start taking care of my own husband again.

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