Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ebay Lisings

I have a few items listed on Ebay today. Finally got around to it. I've been wanting to list some of these things since we started binging and purging around the house. I'll be listing more things everyday. But here are my first Three....My eBay Store

FaceBook! I am like totally addicted to FaceBook. I had set up a FaceBook account a while back but never did anything with it. Then the other day my daughters informed me that their Father-the CDR, had a FaceBook??!! WHAT!!!??? Too funny!! So I HAD to check it out......You have to 'know' the Commander....he is always sooooo NOT hip to what is popular and happening, so I was quite Surprised....I've already had to correct him on one of his Graduation Dates...LOL....he can't even remember how old he is each year.....LOL...come to find most of CDR's extended family is on Facebook it's really great we can all share pics of our visits and keep in touch.....and I now have tons of 'friends".....I've got Flair.....and other cute add's awesome!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

First Day

As I suspected, this morning I'm actually a couple pounds lighter. My starting weight today is 200lbs. I'm ready to get this show on the road!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

6 Weeks

6 weeks........the recruit will be at "Boot Camp" for six weeks......CDR is Retiring in 6 weeks...and I hope to lose as much weight as possible in 6 I've started yet another blog to chronicle this event: Six Weeks to a Thinner Me

A New Take on Before and After

The Recruit leaves tomorrow for his AF Basic Training. We are all excited for him and oh so proud. He's waited quite a few months to finally be able to leave and get started so I know he's excited. Over the last year or so he's managed to grow quite a beard though, and as we all know....those aren't exactly allowed in the Military anymore....

He asked me to to get a picture of his beard before he shaved it all here is the 'before"


Here's the After!

Quite a difference ....Wouldn't you say??!! I really Like this after look. So tomorrow I drop him off so they can take him to Texas for 6 weeks ..then I think he gets to come home for a short visit..and then off to Monterey Ca for Linguist School.

Today at Church we made an announcement about his leaving and I got all teary kind of surprised me as I don't usually get all that sappy about separations, but today it was hard to keep the tears at bay.


Drama Teen sans Braces.......On Wednesday they finally came off !!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


On Monday we packed up and headed back to Appleton for our last day in WI...we just chillded and visited...and then had one last dinner out. We left early again Tuesday morning and drove straight was a tiring trip back...but oh soooo nice to be back and able to sleep in our own beds.....many of CDR's family will be coming out this way in less than two months when he finally retires from the Navy. It should be another fun visit!

Day Four

The next morning started out with that bit of "family drama" I mentioned earlier...but as I said when you are camping with about 30 or 40 of your closest relatives it's bound to happen. It was quickly forgotten and a bunch of us headed over to another Winery for some more Wine Tasting and Buying...Yes it's Sunday Morning but hey....we're it's fine!LOL

Afterwards we headed over to WhiteFish Dunes to spend some time on the beaches of Lake Michigan.

Then a few of us took the trail.....
We all worked up quite and appetite so we stopped over at the Hilltop Dairy for Lunch and Ice Cream....apparently they provide the Dairy for Land O Lakes......who knew?
a family portrait....I guess there's Two Pictures of me afterall........there I am in the black and white...hmmmmmmm...NO....not THAT one!!!That evening we had a small gift exchange....the 'theme' for that weekend was Christmas in we had a gift exchange.....we played a game where when it was your turn you could either choose a new gift or steal from someone else....if yours got stolen you could then either pick new or steal as gift could be stolen more than 3 times.....I ended up with a cute green and pink pen.which I stole from SIL....CDR stole this really cool car was popular....but since his steal was the 3rd one no one could steal it from him....LOL
There was much wine drinking that evening as the Sheephead tournament progressed( don't's some weird game CDR's family LOVES to play....I have never been able to figure it out and no longer have any desire to play)After much wine drinking a wrestling match broke out between CDR and his little sister...she tried to steal his really cool car mug......he eventually won...but she really gave him a run for his money....she used to be a Marine....

Day Three

The next morning started out with some Baby Holding.....

Some Breakfast....
More Babyholding.......
A group of us(not ME) participated in the Volley Ball Tournament. No Prizes were awarded though..... :(
Genius Boy ----Isn't this adorable??!!
Later most of the guys and MIL went to play Golf at Cherry Hill...a few of us Women and a Husband(not mine) decided to walk next door to the Winery for some Tasting and a Tour.
Ah.....what a way to spend your 21st Birthday!

Much wine was bought and carried back to the campsite where the Wine Tasting continued for the rest of the night.

Day Two in Wisconisin that was just Day One..LOL

Day Two started our family camping Trip up to Door County. About 30 -40 of us piled into about 6 cars and one RV...and drove to MIL campground up in Door County. Later on in the day others joined us. A good portion of the day was spent 'setting up camp' and then later the women went out to procure provisions, and since one niece forgot her suitcase at home, a new wardrobe was procurred for her at the local WalMart..lucky her!NOT!

Later that evening the adults and one "Drama Teen pretending to be an adult",snuck off to the heated Adult Only Pool for a little relaxation. It was Glorious! Although at one point Drama Teen was a little embarassed to be overhearing some 'adult' talk....TMI!!! Something about ED and THAT being the ONLY part that DOES work.....EEK!

More babyholding. ....hopefully she got it out of her system up there....LOLBack to the Campsite for Snacks from Columbia: One Niece lives there now and brought back goodies.

Cake(Co-ed and Nieces Hubby were celebrating Birthdays this Camping Trip)So'mores....And Birthday Shots. It's midnight in VA, Co-ed is Officially 21!!

shhh..don't tell anyone we were actually in WI,and her Birthday was really an hour away!!


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