Thursday, July 03, 2008

Real Life -The BedRoom Edition

It's Thursday! Time for another round of Real Life Courtesy of Farm Fresh Iowa.
Today we are in the BedRoom. We were pretty much left at our own discretion, although she did give suggestions.

Under the bed
What's in and on your dresser
What's on your night table
The pictures/decorations
What you love about it
What you hate about it
What makes it uniquely you
What you sleep in

So, on to the pics:

As you can see there's really not any room for anything 'under' my bed except a few dust bunnies or maybe a flip flop or two....some times a stray sock will find it's way under there.

here's the top of my dresser...It's much like the pic I shared the other day, although you can see some clutter starting to find it's way back. My 'Pope" of CDR's socks. You can't see it very well but there's a tag from one of his new shirts and a little plastic collar insert.
This is CDR's can see his Dress Navy Cover up top there....and various ballcaps...some are also Navy Covers...from various ships and subs he's been on.My night table...looks pretty much like it did the other day. To the side you can see one of my new Throw Pillows...I'm toying with the idea of redoing the bedding in here...with a Black and White Damask....and accents of bright colors like Pink...the pink pillow has a white chandelier on the other side...I don't know, I can't decide...I actually already have a Black and Cream Toile set that I 'could" use instead....but I really like a couple of the Damask Sets I've seen recently..they're just a little more Dramatic. IMO
Lest you think my home is so neat and clean...yeah is what you find on the CDR's side of the what's really funny here is that usually HE is the neat freak and I'M the slob...LOL

Here's our bed, I think it's what I Love the Most! Now get your minds out of the gutter( although yeah I love it for THAT reason too) I just really Love my Bedroom Set especially the's a Sleigh Bed ..I had always wanted one of those. We got it at a Haverty's Warehouse Sale as well. REALLY great deal..I think we paid less than $2000 for the whole set...King Sleigh Bed, Full Dresser with Mirror, the Wardrobe, and his night table.

This is my "Memory" wreath. I started tucking those little prayer cards you get at Funerals into it one day, and it just kept going from there. Each of those cards represents someone in my life who's passed in the last few years. My Brother, Father Richardson, one of our neighbors, and the Big one in the Center is my Nephew Tony who passed away a few years ago in a car accident . He was only 19 at the time.

This is what I wore to sleep in last night. Thrown carelessly on the floor. I'd love to say it was thrown carelessly in the heat of Passion, but alas, NO, it was not.My closet......... ok, it's CDR's too, but he just gets a small portion along the wall on the left side...LOL's messy and yes I have WAY TOO MANY clothes! I've actually been weeding thru and getting rid of tons.And here's our Balcony off the bedroom. There's not much out there. A lounge chair that I hardly ever get to go out and sit in, and the ladder CDR was using the other day when he was working on the trim.


Joy said...

I ADORE your furniture! It's gorgeous!!! Where'd you get it?

Anne Elizabeth said...

Your bedroom furniture is so cool, and what and a deal!!! I think the black and white Damask would look great!

Morning By Morning said...

I must agree with the other ladies your furniture is BEAUTIFUL! I love your bed it looks very comfortable :)

So Sorry to hear about your Nephew, what a tragedy, sounds like you had a tough couple of years :( The Memory wreath is a nice idea.

dmarie1975 said...

Love your furniture! You could probably fit my entire room in your closet!

Erin said...

WHOA CLOTHES! WOW! I do not think I have owned that many in my life! haha!!!!!
My dear hubby used to be on Submarines! He had to cross rate though.... blah

gina said...

I love your idea of the memory loss- what a nice way to cherish our loved ones instead of tucking those cards away in a drawer to be forgotten.

Your furniture is GORGEOUS- I love the shape of your mirror- it's so unique!!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

That memory wreath is a great idea! And well appointed.

I too Love your furniture. And the bedding.

Maggii said...

Thanks everyone! We bought the furniture at Haverty's a furniture store here in VA (I think they might be elsewhere as well) we actually got it at one of their WareHouse Sales, which unfortunately they no longer do


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