Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wisconsin or Bust

The next few posts will probably be prolific ...I took tons of pics and it was a very busy week. I can't believe we managed to do as much as we did...I'm looking thru all the pictures and wondering how we had time for it all.

We left Early Thursday morning. Like REALLY early, about 2:00am. We drove straight thru and it was about a 20 hour trip. We arrived that evening at about 8:30 /9:00pm. One set of BIL and SIL stopped by for a short visit. We were exhausted though so they didn't stay long.

MIL practically lives on a Golf Course so On Friday Morning Commander and I accompanied MIL and her husband as they shot some practice balls. I didn't do any 'golfing ' as hitting a tiny ball into a tiny hole is not exactly MY idea of 'fun' , but I went along for the walk and fresh air, and to laugh....
After Playing 4 practice holes we all went back to the house for some lunch and then the house tours began. We had looked up some homes we were interested in online before we left.
Commander printed out some of our faves and did a quick look see. Not so 'quick" as it took all day to drive by ony a few homes. It was a widespread area though.

This first house was not too bad. It's on the FoX River. There wasn't much to the back yard though and it was a sharp drop to the River and didn't look like there was easy access.
I actually really liked this next house. Not the house, so much as the property...I loved the back yard and it's access to the Lake. This one was on Little Lake Butte des Mort.That's my truck there with the Hokie Parent sticker... :)I loved that it had it's own pier, and there was a boat house with a party deck on top!
This is the one I mentioned in the last post. This one is just down the road from the one above and was in a little better shape although it was very 70's ish. It had a really nice yard though with it's own pier as well. The inside really wasn't that bad and the the Views were awesome!Master Bedroom view.Living Room
Later that evening we met up with most of CDR's Family for Dinner at Pullman's.The kids came early and took advantage of the FREE Trolley Rides on Friday nights.
My SIL and I ...this was the only picture I got of myself thruout the whole trip.Drama Teen in one of the many babyholding pics....There'll be a lot of Baby holding in the next few posts as 4 of our Nieces have babies now...another niece is due next it was Baby Central up there. We forced our girls to drink bottled water.....we didn't want them bringing home any 'souveniers"..LOL

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