Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day Two in Wisconisin that was just Day One..LOL

Day Two started our family camping Trip up to Door County. About 30 -40 of us piled into about 6 cars and one RV...and drove to MIL campground up in Door County. Later on in the day others joined us. A good portion of the day was spent 'setting up camp' and then later the women went out to procure provisions, and since one niece forgot her suitcase at home, a new wardrobe was procurred for her at the local WalMart..lucky her!NOT!

Later that evening the adults and one "Drama Teen pretending to be an adult",snuck off to the heated Adult Only Pool for a little relaxation. It was Glorious! Although at one point Drama Teen was a little embarassed to be overhearing some 'adult' talk....TMI!!! Something about ED and THAT being the ONLY part that DOES work.....EEK!

More babyholding. ....hopefully she got it out of her system up there....LOLBack to the Campsite for Snacks from Columbia: One Niece lives there now and brought back goodies.

Cake(Co-ed and Nieces Hubby were celebrating Birthdays this Camping Trip)So'mores....And Birthday Shots. It's midnight in VA, Co-ed is Officially 21!!

shhh..don't tell anyone we were actually in WI,and her Birthday was really an hour away!!

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