Friday, February 08, 2013

Parallel 44


Last weekend hubby and I went to Parallel 44 Winery with family and friends. Last year my SIL won a Wine Tasting Party at a Wine Tasting event here at our Neighborhood Golf Club. She finally scheduled it just in the knick or time. We had a group of about 16 and had a great time. We got a tour of the Winery where we learned a little about how they make their wines.I think we tasted about 13 of their wines. This was actually my third time here. I came a couple of years ago for a Winefest they were having. And I went this summer with CDR and the Drama Teen Not a Teen. The Winery is only about 30 minutes from our home.

 Here we are waiting for the tour to start.

 We've just "tasted' 6 or 7 wines. We are feeling VERY happy!

 My 'haul" from the visit. I actually bought 6 bottles , I got two of the Vignoles. I think it was my favorite of the day.
 And tonight I'm enjoying one of the Vignoles. I'm even drinking it out of my Parallel 44 Wine Glass. I collect glasses from every Winery we go to and try to drink the 'right' wines in them....LOL Although I sometimes drink OTHER wines in them.


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