Friday, August 21, 2009

Big Changes Coming!'s been a few weeks and so much has happened....3 of our kids came up for a short visit! It was great to see them all. Drama Teen drove up with Genius Boy...and we flew in the Co-ed. The Recruit wasn't able to get the same week off , he actually has this week off but has chosen to head to his Grandparents in Mississippi, then he will come here for Christmas instead. Any way it was a great visit. We spent a few days up in Door County with the rest of CDR's family, camping. No melt downs this year, so that's a plus!! The girls left together last week for Virginia. We gave Co-ed a car so they drove back. Drama Teen starts a new semester at JMU next week, and Co-ed is presently on way back to Pensacola with two new puppies she picked up in NC. Genius Boy is still here but will probably be heading back early next week. He is spending the weekend in Appleton with the cousins. We'll see him this Sunday when we drive into Appleton for my Niece's daughters First Birthday.

Work on the Two Rivers House is coming along....we finally have all the walls up upstairs. And CDR has reworked the Electrical in the kitchen so walls are finally going up in there as well. There's hopefully not a whole lot more than needs to be done before we can finish...and finish we must because the biggest 'change' of all is that : WE BOUGHT LAND and will BUILDING OUR OWN HOME SOON!!!! Yay!!!

We've purchased 1.6 acres in a Golfing Community. We share a pond with two of our neighbors and there is another large Community Swimming Pond in the neighborhood. The lot next to ours is also for sale and we have a one year option to buy. We are considering it. As for the property we've bought. The Septic guy is going to be putting in our septic system soon and building should start soon after. We've purchased and recieved the houseplans (although we'll be doing the outside a bit different..some stone but no stucco..we'll be doing some Cedar shake and some regular siding instead)CDR's brother and sister will be helping. His brother is a house builder and his sister is an owner in a commercial contruction company. It is all VERY exciting!!


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