Friday, September 16, 2005

What's New....Not Much.....

Not a whole lot of Crocheting going on these's been too hot.......ugh......I was making these really cute little creatures.......and plan to start selling them......but with my camera still not working......(need to buy a new one).....I can't post them online.....

a couple of my friends have seen them and think they are adorable and have siad they want to pay me to make one for them.....I had already planned to 'give" them each one....

also we have had a Russian girl staying with us the last few weeks( I'll write more about her later)'s with a sortof 'exchange" program.....she leaves next week ..and I plan to give her one as well...

other then that not much happening here.....I have family in Biloxi ..but luckily they made it thru Katrina Ok....they didn't evacuate but they live in the ONE area that didn't get hit so hard....they were without power for a good week or two and the kids are still not back in school...they WERE going to move right up here as my mother does NOT want to go thru another Hurricane like that again.....they were going to bring the kids up right away so we could get them in school and then my mother and my SIL were going to go back to finalize things to I was going to be taking care of 4 extra kids for a while...I was actually looking forward to it..LOL...mine are all older and I was missing having children around...LOL...but as quickly as they decided to do that they decided not to...LOL...they say they still plan to move by next summer..but I figure my mother will talk herself into staying by then...anyways I'm just glad they were all ok....I had about two days where I had no idea how they were or wether they'd was pretty rough...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Change is a 'good' thing

Well as some of you may have noticed I changed my blogname.....from CrochetDiva to MaggiiBleu.....not much else to still not i can't post any new pics..

finished a few projects....made a felted handbag for my came out didn't 'felt" as well as i'd have liked....i plan to make a few more for other i'll jsut keep experimenting until i get them how i like.....

Been working on a website shop.....which i have named ShopMaggiiBleu( hence the blog name change) as soon as i finish tweeking it and am satified with how it looks and works i'll be posting it...

Friday, July 29, 2005

I've been Busy!

Well I finally finished the table runner it turned out really nice...I need to iron it out....I wish my camera was working so I could post a picture. I'll try to borrow my daughters and post a picture of it soon....I also just made a crocheted handbag out of some gorgeous wool that my secret pal had given turned out really I want to felt it but I'm not sure how to go about it ..I've never done it before....I bought more wool to make more of them ( to give to friends)....although I couldn't find anything at my LYS as pretty as the yarn my Pal gave me.

and last but not least I just finished my first pair of crocheted socks..and I LOVE them!!...Want to make TONS more....

Looks like I'm back "in the mood" for crochet!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

GRand Kitties!!

OH my....Amby our black kitty just gave birth to 4 adorable little kittens earlier today......two are striped grey tabby looking and two look jsut like her, black with a smidgeon of white on the throat....

I know bad....for haivng procrastinated in getting her fixed...she escaped( push thru a window screen) in May and was missing for 3 days....wasn't long before we saw the tell tale signs...DH is NOT happy ..needless to say....I'm hoping i can find good homes for at least 2 or 3 of them...hoping i can convince DH to keep at least one....maybe two??? will post pics soon

GRaduation Day

Here are my 4 kids.......Rachel with her Brothers and Sister.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
MmmmmMmmm Good!
Image hosted by

Friday, July 22, 2005

Lordy Lordy Look Who's 40!

My wonderful husband surprised me with an AWESOME party!
Image hosted by
Lapdance ..only $10
Image hosted by
Don't ask.......Don't tell................
Image hosted by

Yes,.......he's mine<sigh>
Image hosted by

EVeryone in ALL their Glory!
Image hosted by
Blowing out the Candle...that's my 8th grade pic on the Table...
Image hosted by

Puerto Rico Pics_-there are LOTS

Image hosted by
Britt enjoying the shade ...
Image hosted by
Starting out at El Yunque
Image hosted by
Watch your Step!!!! Look at that View....almost to the top
Image hosted by
Another View!
Image hosted by
the CAstille in San Juan....we got there too late to go in...

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
the Beach house we all rented...Going to the Caves
Image hosted by
Britt drinking from the Fountain of Youth...
Image hosted by
Rachel Shopping.

More PR

Image hosted by
Image hosted by Photobucket.comHuge Mofungo bowl!!! our last night, at the craft fair

Image hosted by
everyone is tired....
Image hosted by
Brittney and Me
Image hosted by
this was our room....the girls room was to the left...
Image hosted by
Freezing our butts of in NY ....LOL


Oh My!!! It sure has been awhile hasn't it??? Well last I posted we were about to take our Puerto Rico Vacation( which we did...and it was FANTASTIC)...unfortunately on the day we were driving home( from NY where we flew out and in)we got a phone call letting us know my nephew had been killed in a car accident. It was quite tragic..he was only 19 ..same age as my son Nate. We got home Saturday and I flew out Monday to attend his funeral.....needless to say I wasn't in much of a crocheting or blogging mood for a while....then a few weeks later a dear neighbor of our lost her battle with Lukemia....I still can't believe she's gone.....

Now we did have some good times during all I said our PR vaca was April I turned 40!! and DH and my best Friend planned a SUPER Surprise Party for was MORE than I could have hoped for and I was totally shocked...I knew they'd be cooking something up for me but never expected anything of this magnatude( will post pics)...In May my youngest did her Confirmation in the Catholic Church..and in June my other Daughter graduated from HS...she is going to VA Tech...she'll be a HOKIE..LOL.we had Orientation this week.....she is VERY excited!

Like I said earlier though I pretty much lost interest in Crocheting for a while...then this summer I picked up my hook and started on a really pretty table runner.....I am getting close to the finish...unfortunately my camera's not working these days so I can't take a pic of it yet....I do have pics of stuff that's been going on.. though and I'll post those in a minute.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Let The Sun Shine In

Here is our partially painted new Family room or whatever it's going to room ,game room??We're going for a light bright look as this is the ONLY window in the room..Rachel has decided to go for Dark Red in her room...Hosted by Photobucket.comStill have a LOT of painting to do....Hosted by

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jam Session!

For the last 5 years Brad and/or the girls and I have particpated in the St Paddy's Day Parade in Norfolk. We are in the parade again this year. Much practicing has been going on. Last night we ahd practice at our church with the Chaplain( for the proestant congregation)to the left on guitar  and his son on drums( in the back). Chaplain joined us last year and we all had a GREAT time. It was MY first year too.
Hosted by
Here's Britt looking bored while Dad and Chaps jam wtih some 'oldies"
Hosted by
Rae looking equally Bored
Hosted by

Ruby Ring!!

Here are the lastest addition pics.This is going to be Rachel's New Bedroom! She wanted a nice Dark Red. The red is darker then the pics show. She's going for an Asian Theme. The Bright Green peeking out is from her walk-in closet.Hosted by
Hosted by
Hosted by

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Here's another pic of our kitty Amby. She's such a cutie...but SUCH a troublemaker. If there's trouble to be had.... she'll find it!!Hosted by Photobucket.comBrandon came over yesterday to practice guitar and to download and print out some new songs..( he's tired of playing the same 2 songs all the time..LOL..I guess it turns out he doesn't have a printer of his own)...anyway.. it's nice to see him you can see this is pic #6 ( i think) of the yellow billibong..I think I've seen him MORE in the last 2 months then I have in the LAST year all's really nice to ahve him around more...I've missed him!.Hosted by

Pink Heart

Here's little thingie I made right before Valentines....I sortof made it for the 'think Pink" knit along. even thuogh it's not "knitted"'s just something fun and goofy I felt like making.
Hosted by

Where I've Been

I found this "where you've been" United States map on another blog and figured I'd give it a try...OMG! I had no idea i've been to every state accept TWO!!

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Added New Links

I 've added a couple of new links to my Links field.I finally added Sara from -Crochet All Day-Like I said I would. I'm slowly getting the hang of things...but it's still all confusing and I can't remember from one moment to the next exactly HOW i'm doing things.LOL...I just 'try " things, then check it out in "preview", and if it looks good there...then I figure I'm good to go..LOL

I also added a link to My Paper Crane. This girl does some REALLY cute stuff...she spins some of the kewlest yarn. And does all kinds of REALLY kewl crafts. She's VERY Talented...and...

I joined another Blog ring. A Southern Crochet Ring. The South STARTS in VA!!

Puerto Rico or Bust!

I can't believe it's only 3 count them 3 days till we leave for Puerto Rico!! Our friends are leaving the day before us and will be ther a day before us. We are driving to NY to catch the flight. It was cheaper to drvie up to NYC and fly out from JFK then to fly out from here in VA. We are meeting my friend Ns family and will be dropping our car off at their house. Then they want to 'feed' us and give us a chance to 'rest " before taking su to the Air Port! They are so sweet!

Monday, February 28, 2005

Going .going...gone?

Not much Crocheting going on the last few days....I decided to share my auction case there's anyone out there interested....I have some things on eBay.and just recently listed some stuff on Yahoo...mostly things that I've listed a few times on eBay and still haven't sold...eBay just eats up the fees....Yahoo has much better fee pricing...but doesn't get much traffic..I figure I'll give most things a couple of tries on eBay then switch them to Yahoo if they don't sell..I'd like to set up my own WebShop that way I can do away with 'fees" altogether...but I'd probably still have the traffic issue?

anyway here are the links....

Anyways I DID pick up Alein Illusion the scarf I'm knitting for my older daughter Rae. Wouldn't you know I messed up the first row I did today and didn't notice it until about 4 rows later?? UGG...I decided it doesn't hardly show and is just NOT worth frogging.....LOL

Another Year Older

Today my friend N. is a year older(I can't share her age as she's VERY age senstive)...E. bought her a VERY beautiful Cake...not sure what kind of cake it had a slightly spicy flavor to it and there was bavarian cream between teh layers... it's decorated with shimmery looking white chocolate shells....It was a fun little get together....PR is only a few days away and we are ALL getting Excited....Hosted by
Hosted by
Hosted by

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I am late getting to this .
I was tagged by Carmen at ( i haven't really figured out how to do links in my posts.
Music Meme:

Total number of music files on your computer: I'm not sure.....LOL..i've maybe downloaded 5! but my girls have probably down loaded more...I'm not even sure how to check..HA

The last cd you bought:

Martina McBride's Greatest Hits...I had to replace my other one it got a scratch! and started skipping all over the place.

The last song you listened to before reading this message:
When You Believe by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston from The Prince Of daughter Rae is singing it in her school variety show and we were listening to it, so she can learn it.

Name 5 songs you listen to often or that mean something to you:

hmmnn....they'll probably mostly be Martina McBride she's my favorite and I've ben listenign to her a lot lately...
1. When God fearing Women Get the Blues---because it's just a fun hilarious song!!
2. Where Would You Be-----sometimes that's how feel about my DH and I
3. Strangers- same reason as above..
4.Concrete's a sad song makes me cry everytime..
5. a song my daughter wrote....i don't know the may not even have one but it's good and very catchy...

3 people i'm gonna pass this to and why:
Sara---because i don't think she has been yet and she comments on my blog a lot and leaves me LOTS of compliments!!

Tink--again because i don't think she has been and she has posted comments and compliments as well!

and Rebecca for the same reasons!

Yellow Billibong Alert!

Pic #5 of Brandon in the Yellow Billibong! He came over sunday for more guitar lessons..Hosted by

NON Crochet!

Just thought I'd share a little about our weekend. Every year our neighborhood hosts a Wine Tasting Party. A different neighbor hosts it at their home. This year it was at one of the neighbors down the street from us. Everyone Brings appetizers and a bottle of Wine to share. We place the bottles in paperbags and number them .Everyone tries each one and rates them 1-10. then we see who wins. Here was my contribution for appetizers. It's Salami, Cheese, Guava Paste( this makes it 'interesting") and olives. Everyone liked it. And it sure looks purty before people start pulling off the toothpicks...LOL
Hosted by

Hosted by
After we drank all the wine.( and EVERY couple contributed at least TWO bottles of wine not to mention we opened up THREE bottles of Champagne needless to say we were ALL feeling 'good"..LOL) the guys broke out in song! My hubby is in the middle.
Hosted by

My Latest and Greatest!

Here are my latest projects.....I really like the idea of just throwing stuff together with scraps and I LOVE how this hat turned out.....much nicer then I expected!! this is my daughter Britt modelng!
Hosted by
And this is a sortof matching purse I was making that day too...I actually finished crocheting it last night and just need to add a lining and sew on a couple of flowers I made for it.
Hosted by
I'm just sooooo happy with how these turned out!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Both Kitties

Here is another picture of both our kitties...I've noticed Cat ownership seems to be a prerequisite for having a crochet/knit/ craft blog....LOL

Purses purses everywhere

I made these cute little handbags right before V.Day..I was hoping to get them done in time to sell them on eBay for Valentines....but I was lazy getting them 'lined' ..I'd never lined any purses I've made in the past, but wanted to with these...I hate when things poke thru....I was 'dreading" doing the linings but they turned out kinda cute and weren't too hard...I did it all by hand...I have them on eBay now....we'll see if they luck comes and goes with eBay it seems....somes weeks a bunch of my stuff sells then the next nothing...oh well...

and then this lavender one is just lined with plain lavender felt.


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