Wednesday, February 23, 2005

NON Crochet!

Just thought I'd share a little about our weekend. Every year our neighborhood hosts a Wine Tasting Party. A different neighbor hosts it at their home. This year it was at one of the neighbors down the street from us. Everyone Brings appetizers and a bottle of Wine to share. We place the bottles in paperbags and number them .Everyone tries each one and rates them 1-10. then we see who wins. Here was my contribution for appetizers. It's Salami, Cheese, Guava Paste( this makes it 'interesting") and olives. Everyone liked it. And it sure looks purty before people start pulling off the toothpicks...LOL
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After we drank all the wine.( and EVERY couple contributed at least TWO bottles of wine not to mention we opened up THREE bottles of Champagne needless to say we were ALL feeling 'good"..LOL) the guys broke out in song! My hubby is in the middle.
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Sara said...

mmmm. Guava paste. smear a little cream cheese, smear a little guava, pop the cracker in your mouth. Heaven!


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