Thursday, February 03, 2005

An eBay Day

Well I spent a good portion of today posting a few new things on eBay. Actually I only got 4 new things listed....It's sooooooo time consuming...Wish there was an easier way...........I love reading everyone's blogs...It has really inspired me to be more creative..I admit I fell into a rut of only making things from other peoples patterns...But it's sooo much more fun making up my own stuff...I still use patterns for 'some' things ..But even then I usually try to tweak them a little....Anyways here's the new pics.....These Poncho/Hat sets I designed myself..I enjoy filet and incorporate it in lots of my projects..
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and here's my new baby blanket..I think it's very 'punk"...LOL

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Sara said...

I love the "punk" baby blanket. Starts the baby's life out right: as an original. No run of the mill blankie for the baby!


Mitzi said...

Cool stuff! Good luck on eBay!

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say that u are amazingly talented!
i adore the baby blankets (are they your own pattern?), and i'm also inspired by it because this is similar to what i am trying to do with my own afghan :)

Maggii said...

yes..i made it up on my own but it's a pretty 'basic' design idea...and i've recently seen similar ones in some of the crochet mags and books..


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