Tuesday, February 08, 2005

15 Minutes Early??

DD had a Drs appt this afternoon. I Love how they ask you to arrive 15 minutes 'early" then make you wait for antoher 35 mintues past your scheduled time before seeing you..@@ for a 1:40 appt...we were finally taken back to an examination room at 2:20 and finally saw a Doctor at 2:45. ....we made it out of the hospital altogether at 3:00...Everything is looking good and she is pretty much all healed up......he said it will probaably be a couple more months before we REALLY see her final results...but she is pretty close to the final results now..I think it looks pretty good...it's 'different" so it will take some getting used to..

anyways gave me lots of time to work on my latest project....a filet crochet table mat for Valentines...I got the pattern online somewhere...it's looking cute I'm about halfway done. I really like filet ....i enjoy watching the design build up as i go....

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