Monday, February 28, 2005

Going .going...gone?

Not much Crocheting going on the last few days....I decided to share my auction case there's anyone out there interested....I have some things on eBay.and just recently listed some stuff on Yahoo...mostly things that I've listed a few times on eBay and still haven't sold...eBay just eats up the fees....Yahoo has much better fee pricing...but doesn't get much traffic..I figure I'll give most things a couple of tries on eBay then switch them to Yahoo if they don't sell..I'd like to set up my own WebShop that way I can do away with 'fees" altogether...but I'd probably still have the traffic issue?

anyway here are the links....

Anyways I DID pick up Alein Illusion the scarf I'm knitting for my older daughter Rae. Wouldn't you know I messed up the first row I did today and didn't notice it until about 4 rows later?? UGG...I decided it doesn't hardly show and is just NOT worth frogging.....LOL

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