Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Post V.Day

Well Brad left for San Diego today. Unfortunatley he missed his initial flight. He thought his flight was at 9:00am......at around 6:45am he decided to doublecheck his itinerary only to find his flight was at 6:30am!! he had to reschedule...and got a flight at 2:30pm.... Everything worked out and I got him to the airport in plenty of time for his 2:30 flight....he even lucked out and was then able to get on an earlier flight. then he got to SD and the Hotel didn't have his reservation....so he had to find another place to stay...luckily he was able to get a place at the base...so again things have worked out...he'll be back Friday night( unless he misses THAT flight..LOL)anyways after i dropped him off I decided to go to Target to take advantage of the Post V. Day sales.....and got a bunch of neat stuff...I got all this and MORE for less then $150...I'm in a redecorating mood lately . most of this will be to redecorate our Bedroom and BathroomHosted by Photobucket.com

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