Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My Latest and Greatest!

Here are my latest projects.....I really like the idea of just throwing stuff together with scraps and I LOVE how this hat turned out.....much nicer then I expected!! this is my daughter Britt modelng!
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And this is a sortof matching purse I was making that day too...I actually finished crocheting it last night and just need to add a lining and sew on a couple of flowers I made for it.
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I'm just sooooo happy with how these turned out!


Sara said...

a beautiful hat for a beautiful girl!

Jewels said...

I absolutely love that purse, was it a felting project? The colors are perfect!!

Maggii said...

the purse? no it's just regualr crochet with mostly acylic yarns i sjut used varying stitches...i still need to line it...i love it...I made another wtih slightly different colors but pretty much looks the same ..slightly smaller


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