Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm So Excited..

Commander is flying in on he'll be here for Thanksgiving..I can't wait. It's been a month since I've seen him!! And the girls will be home sometime this weekend, so it's going to be a GREAT week!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Weekend With the Girls

So I had my fun weekend with my girls. It was so great to see them both, and I had a lot of fun. My trip started with my getting held up by the SteeL Bridge in Deep Creek a few miles from my home. I waited while a good 10-15 sailboats came thru. It was like a regatta or something....anyway...after a good 30 minutes or so..I finally got on the road and arrived in Blacksburg around 6:00pm. I had not been to Co-ed's new apartment yet, so I mapquested the directions, and was taken God only knows where. I got to see the VERY RURAL part of town..LOL. I finally arrived and got the tour of her apartment. It's actually quite nice, and quite tidy. One of the main reasons she moved was because her previous room-mates were too messy.

After my tour I took Co-ed out to Dinner. We chose Indian Food this time. One of the fun things about Co-ed is that she's very adventurous and loves to try new foods, so we enjoy going out for various cuisines. Drama Teen is strictly a Chicken Fingers and Fries type gal. We went to India Garden in Blacksburg and OH my...the food was divine! I ordered the Lamb Mango...and Co-ed ordered a different Lamb dish with a creamy almond sauce. We shared our plates and both were absolutley delicious. After wards we got a coffee and snack and Starbucks, I bought my first Christmas Gift for Drama Teen and then we headed off to the Movies and saw The Changeling. I highly recommned it was a GREAT movie. Afterwards it was late and we decided I would go ahead and stay at Co-eds apartment for the night. She gave me her futon and she slept on the couch. It's an eerie feeling being a 'guest' in your own child's home...

Saturday morning Co-ed and I had breakfast at IHOP ...which was a BIG mistake.....bad service..bad cooking ...just BAD all around......remind me NEVER to go back! After Breakfast ( which took forever ,thanks to cooks who don't seem to know how to cook EGGS for crying out loud!) We headed over to Tech to attend Drama Teens Meet.

East Campbell Hall....Co-ed's old Dorm.

Her teammates were impressed that her Mom came to watch...and she was excited to see us both. Sister's...Co-ed tying Drama Tens Ribbon...There were a ton of schools there competing..I was surprised to see students from Purdue, and Northern Illinois, and Tennesee, Kentucky etc. Warming up..It was chaotic but fun to watch. Drama Teen competed in Three events. Vault, Floor and Bars.....she didn't do too well on Bars...but I think her floor routine wasn't bad, and she did pretty good on vault. Shes' a little rusty since she didn't compete last year( too busy with Drama and Chorus) and she's been so busy since starting at JMU , that she hasn't devoted much time to practicing. Hopefully over the next few months she can practice a little harder and do a little better at her meet in February. At the least she's having fun and keeping busy.

I had to leave before the awards ceremony as I had a long drive back home that night. It was great to see them though...Gosh do I miss them.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Off to See the Wizard

Well not exactly! I am off to see my girls though, and I am excited!! Gosh do I miss's been REEAAALLLY quiet around here the last few months...which I'm sure many of you with little ones are thinking what? is she crazy?.....I'd give ANYTHING for some QUIET and some TIME TO MYSELF....well believe me it's GREAT the first DAY or so ..maybe even the first WEEK or so....but...after that....not so much. I REALLY miss them all. Co-ed, Drama Teen, and the Recruit( whose really doing well BTW and loving Monterey and his new career in the AF..I 'think" he even has a 'girlfriend")Genious Boy is still here..but I don't see him much. Oh and of COURSE I miss the Commander more than anything. I am REALLY hoping he will get to come down for Thanksgiving. Looks like the plan is for all of us to go up for Christmas and I am looking forward to that.

So I'm off to VA Tech to watch Drama Teen compete in her first Gymnastics Meet of the year. As luck would have it Co-ed attends VA Tech, so that means a Double Bonus..I get to visit with BOTH of my girls! I'll be driving up tonight so I can spend a little one on one time with the Co-ed, and so I can stay the night and be bright eyed and bushy tailed at Drama Teens meet. I probably wont get too much time with the Drama Teen as I'm not sure exactly what the schedule is for her team.

I'm packing them a couple of Halloween Treat Bags ...unloading a bunch of that leftover Candy that's been sitting around Tempting me..I've been pretty good.. I AM eating some of it but keeping it under control and even managed to lose a pound this week. Yay me!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I am Blissfully Domestic

Today I am particpating in the Linky Love over at Blissfully Domestic.
We can chose any topic that Blissfully Domestic covers, and link a post published within the last 7 days. Click on the Picture above to see a list of other bloggers particpating. My topic for this week is Blissful Home with this post about my Halloween Decorating.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Off to My Meeting

This is what I'm wearing tonight. Today has been a 'fat' day and I feel like a blimp in this outfit.....but it was the best I could come up with tonight. Not to mention the picture turned out really blurry...either my lense was fogged up or my mirror is's probably the mirror or a combination of both..LOL

Maggii's Daybook

FOR TODAY November 3, 2008
Outside My Window is gray and looks cold outside.... I think it might rain...
I am thinking...It's going to be a dreary day...I have no energy and don't feel like doing ANYTHING!
I am thankful family and a husband that works so hard to support us all.

From the kitchen...I need to do some dishes.
I am oversize sweatshirt and some grubby paint stained track pants. I feel too blah to 'dress up" today.
I am creating...absolutely nothing today.
I am my Woman's Group meeting tonight...hopefully my spirits will lift by then.
I am reading...Living Like Ed Begley
I am hoping...someone eventually takes an interest in our house.
I am hearing...Silence...PURE silence.
Around the house...I have a few chores I need to take care of...dishes?....and whatnot.
One of my favorite things...staring out my windows even on gloomy days.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I've got my meeting tonight....choir practice on Wednesday...need to get my truck fixed , probably on Thursday...and then I am heading up to VA Tech to see my girls. The youngest is competeing in a Gymnastics competition at Tech(she's on the JMU team)
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
I really miss my husband.......

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Subsitute Teacher

Today I got to be a Substitute CCD Teacher... I've taught CCD for the last ten years and really enjoyed it. But, this year with the move and all, and not knowing exactly how much longer I would be here, I didn't feel comfortable taking on a class. Luckily our RE had a LOT of new parent volunteers so she really didn't 'need' me to teach and so I didn't volunteer for a class. This week I was needed though. The 7 th and 8th grade teacher was going to be out of town, and her husband who teaches with her is our Parish Council President, and we always have our Council meeting on the First Sunday and was unable to teach as well, so I filled in for them. It was great and I realized I REALLY miss it. It didn't hurt that the students were excited to have me substitute...I was their teacher for the last 2 or three years. I didn't realize they liked me so much. So all in all it was a great day and I look forward to hopefully getting a chance to substitute again, and to teaching again when we move to WI, if I'm able.

What I wore to Church today:

Half-way thru Mass I noticed my shoe is coming apart. I'm really disappointed because these are one of my favorite pairs. They are Vera Wang and I really would have expected them to hold up MUCH better than this. OH well...I'm going to have to go shopping and find myself a NEW Basic Black Pump....


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