Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekly Checkin

I was depressed last week so I didn't bother with the weekly checkin or keeping track of my eating and excercise or anything..I think I had a small, tiny, minute bit of loss...but not enough worth checking in with...This week I am feeling much better....I still only had a small amount of loss but, hey , I'm down another pound ..so it's all good. Today I decided to check out Sparkpeople again(it's been a year since I logged in !!)......and I'm motivated to get back on track!

So as of today I am at the 5 pound loss mark!
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Life Goes On...

Husband issues have been resolved.....not in the manner I would have liked ...but.. what can you do? Life goes on......

It's been a good two weeks though......Commander FINALLY put steps into motion for me to FINALLY move up to Wisconsin. I have one set of movers coming on Thursday to pack up a few basics to tide me over for the summer......and then next month....another set of movers will be packing up all the rest and keeping it in storage for us, until the WI House is ready for a total move in. So far he has put in the new plumbing for the new master bathroom. And....supposedly he has started putting up some walls upstairs....I should get there just in time to help put up more walls and paint! ( I was kinda hoping I'd get to avoid all that.....but then again.....It'll be nice to be there so I can pick the colors myself..LOL)

and .......the BEST news of the Week????

WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the Buyers LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the house....offered us FULL asking price( which had been reduced quite a bit recently) aren't asking for anything else...and will pay their own closing!! They want to close on the 7th of July! Our Realtor says this is the 'cleanest' contract he's ever seen. We just have to pass the house inspection.....and hope their financing comes thru without a hitch!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pity Party

Feeling pretty blue these days.....husband issues.....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekly Check-in

Well...I'm down another pound! Which is great since I was pretty lazy this weekend.
Didn't get much exercise and wasn't that careful with my eating. If I really work this week I should be able to do better.

Today's Food/Exercise Journal:
Woke up at a decent time today.
Breakfast 8:30-
Carrot Raisin Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie, Banana, and Peach Ginger Tea.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Food/Excercise Journal

It's been a bit of a lazy weekend, so I need to get back on track.....

I slept in today....got up around 10:30-
Breakfast 10:45:
Carrot Raisin Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie with Peach Ginger Tea.....and a Banana
Lunch 1:25:Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing, Pasta (sent home with us from yesterday's Mother's Day Dinner) and one Campari Tomato.

Sharing our Gardens

At one of the blogs I frequent we've been asked to Share Gardening Pics.....Since I had hoped to be 'moved' by now....we didn't put in a Garden this year.....so I'm sharing some of my gardening photos from years past.

This was our garden in 2006

This is from the end of last years growing season...all that left are the pumkins, watermelon and squash....

These pumpkins were HUGE last year.....

Here are a bunch of them on and around the front porch....
And here we have Drama Teen rolling one to the car to take back to her Dorm....it was too big and too heavy to carry!
We live on 3 acres in Virginia and have put in a substantial garden every year since we moved here. Commander is the one who usually plants and tends....the kids have helped out thru the years. I usually don't tend the garden very well...as I seem to have a black thumb and manage to kill everything!! LOL...

I DO harvest sometimes though. And, I've really enjoyed having a garden all these years. It so awesome to be able to just go out to the garden and pick veggies for that nights dinner! We also have a few Fruit Trees, although, we haven't had a lot of luck with them. Bugs and birds tend to get to the fruit before we can.

I've even learned to can some of our veggies...here are some Candied Beets from 2006! And those pumkins there in the background were from our garden that year. Those I baked and scraped the pulp to store in the freezer for baking later in the year.
One year we did have a nice apple crop and I made applesauce.....and another year we had a nice pear crop and I canned them.

Mother's Day

Yesterday was just a really great day. I had the Drama Teen with me all day. We went to Church together and afterwards there was a really nice Mother's Day Brunch hosted by the Knights of Columbus. Then we came home and took naps...LOL.

Later in the afternoon we went over to the Villorente's as they had invited us over for a Mother's Day Dinner. They had all their family coming and didn't want me to be alone for Mother's Day so invited me too. They also invited another family from Church. We all had a blast. As usual the Karaoke came out and we were all serenaded by the Drama Teen. What more could I ask for???I also got a Phonecall from the Recruit while we were there....

After we left ....Drama Teen and I stopped off for some Dairy Queen.....the Perfect End to a Perfect Day.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Today's Journal

Woke up Bright and Bushy Tailed this morning....

Carrot Raisin Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie and a handful of Raspberries...Coffee with Sugar and cream. That Plate is TINY....Around 10:30 I had a Banana
I didn't work out yet today....but spent a few hours mowing the lawn( riding mower) but even though I was just 'sitting" the whole time I felt that I was working my muscles a lot. All the bouncing and jiggling....after I was done...took a quick shower and had lunch...I was Ravenous!
2:30-Lunch-Ham and Cheese wrap with lettuce and tomatoes and artichokes....very yummy today.....and a handful of grapes...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Charity Crochet

I've been crocheting baby blankets lately. On the 17th my Church Women's Group will be having our 3rd Annual Charity Baby Shower. We choose a children's charity in the area and throw a "Shower" in their benefit. We collect baby and children's items to donate thru-out the months of April and May. We also all bring 'gifts" to the shower which are also donated. And we donate a monetary gift in lieu of receiving flowers on Mother's Day. I like to make a bunch of baby blankets to donate. So I've been working like crazy to get a bunch made!

Food/Excercise Journal for Today

Another groggy morning....maybe it's all the rain we've been getting. I'm really just NOT a morning person......so I didn't do Yoga this morning....will probably do something later.

Breakfast was a Carrot Raisin Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie and a Banana with Peach Ginger Tea.

10:30 Snack-

Strawberry Yogurt with Grape Nuts

For Lunch I had another Wrap....this time with Hummus, Ham, Provolone, and Artichokes. And I had Terra Chips on the side.....
6:00-Dinner was a Salad with Poppy Seed Vinaigrette and two small slices of Amy's Pesto Pizza.

And a Margarita of course!!

I never did get around to formally exercising today...I did Dance around the living room to 70's music for about a 1 /2 hour.

Also tonight I snacked on a White Macadamia Nut cookie and a small glass of Milk.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Food and Excercise Journal for 5/06/09


Dannon Raspberry Yogurt with Hawaiian Granola, one Egg Scrambled with Onion, Parmesean, and Tumeric. Green Tea-Mixed Berry.

Another late start this morning.....missed the Yoga Workout. I did do teh 30 Day Shred workout again, though. Still kicked my butt. Afterwards I had a few errands to run....Post Office....Grocery. I went to Harris Teeter this time and found some really good stuff.....Soups, Hummus, Pita Crisps, Artisan Bread.. etc. etc.


I didn't get home until a little before 2:00 so I made myself a quick Wrap with Ham, Provolone, Lettuce. Tomato and Marinated Artichokes...I used some Spinach and Artichoke Cheese Spread that I had in the fridge as a spread. And I had a handful of Grapes and Water...I also bought the Entemanns's Cheese Pastry...I LOVE this stuff and can't find it often, so when I do see it I buy it. It's not the best thing to snack on....but it's one of my favorite things...as long as I'm eating well the rest of the day I think it's ok to have a treat here and there.8:35

I had Choir Practice this evening so I didn't get home until nearly 8:00. I thought about picking up some fast food on my way home but decided against it. I had one of the Soups I bought earlier today and some Pita Crisps with Hummus. VERY good.
And.....treated myself to a couple Cheater Margaritas.....LOL

What I Wore Today:

Pink Top-Walmart

Floral Skirt-NY and Co. ( bought this YEARS ago)

Leather Thongs-Earth Shoes-Walmart

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Yard Pics

Commander told me that there are flowers popping up all over at the new place in Wisconsin...so I asked him to take pics....he finally got around to it. He took these with his Cell Phone....

Food and Excercise Journal for Today

Got up at a decent hour today, for a change...LOL I had a glass of water first thing and then did the Namaste Yoga Workout on FitTv at 8:30am.


Breakfast was Green Tea/one sugar.....a mini wheat bagel with about 1/2 TBSP of Cream Cheese , 2 thin slices honey ham , half a slice of Colby Jack cheese, and one banana.


Decided to try one of the workouts on Excercise TV(0m Demand) . I chose Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred! Whew! Nearly killed myself...LOL! But I got thru it! I had to take a few breathers here and there, but got right back into it as quickly as possible. I definitely feel like I had a good workout...

12:50:Lunch was another Mini Bagel with Ham and Cheese( no Cream Cheese this time and Swiss instead of Colby), two Campari Tomatoes, and a small bowl of Terra Organic Vegetable Chips. And water of course. I try to drink water thruout the day.

Tonight I had plans to attend a Pampered Chef Party where I knew there'd be some good food served....I planned on that being my dinner.....but I was hungry around 5:00ish....so I had a small snack.....one Nature Valley Cashew Bar and a few pieces of Dove Covered Almonds. I've had this bag since March and just eat a few pieces here and there....

We did have a nice meal at the PC Party.....some kind of Chicken Enchilada Casserole..I had a small serving and 3 tortilla chips with Salsa Dip...the hostess also made some desserts..I had a small piece of Sopapilla, and one cookie.

What I Wore Today for Cinco de Mayo

Top- bought at Target last year

Cargos- Walmart about 3 years ago...I've hardly worn them and I'm not sure why....they fit great and looked so cute!! Need to wear them more often.....

and.....aren't these shoes just to DIE for!!

Bought them last summer from Delias Online.

They are my All-Time Favorites!

Monday, May 04, 2009

A New Day

I think I must have been exhausted from the weekend as I didn't get up until almost 10:00 Today!! YIKES!!

Totally missed the 8:30 episode of Namaste Yoga....also missed the 12:30 episode as well...totally forgot about it. I did take a walk around the neighborhood though....

On a good note I weighed in today and had a loss of 3 pounds! Yay....I haven't even been trying THAT hard. Just trying to eat better....and move around more....

This morning I had Breakfast at about 10:00am:

A Small container of Dannon Lite Blueberry yogurt mixed with some Udi's Hawaiian Granola Mix....this was REALLY good....and a cup of Mixed Berry Green Tea.

After Breakfast I went out for my walk.....Ran into one of the neighbors so I stopped to chat for about ten minutes then finished the rest of my walk...that is one thing about walking out here....you're bound to run into someone who wants to stop and chat for a while...LOL
Had some water after my walk....

Lunch 1:00pm:
I really wanted a sandwich but had to throw what was left of the bread away today , as it had started to get moldy. So I had to improvise...I'm trying hard to eat what I have on hand and not buy too much( although I do need to get a few things at the grocery in the next day or so)...

Campari Tomatoes, a few slices of Honey Ham( Swine Flu be damned...LOL) , a few slices Havarti Dill Cheese, and some Sour Cream and Onion Crackers..it was all quite Satifying.....of course I had water with my meal.

3:05pm: Afternoon Snack....6:00pm Dinner-Baked Chicken with a Raspberry Chipolte Sauce, Roasted Potatos w/Parmesean Rosemary seasoning, and Beans & Carrots. I also treated myself to a Cheater Margarita. 9:30: Had some Starbucks Java Chip Frappacino for a treat. I chose a really small bowl to control the portion. I would have been satisfied with an even smaller portion though.

That's one thing I really need to work on. Realizing I don't need SO much of everything. I'm the one who shops and cooks for this family so it's not like I can't have 'more" at another time or even sometimes 'more' at the moment. I should start out with smaller portions and then, if I find I want more I can always have a little more.

Outfit of the Day:

Knit Dress -Bought last summer at jCrew.com

Leather Thongs-Bought last year at Walmart( they are the Earth Shoe brand)very comfy.

Good -Bye for Now...

Don't worry I'm not going anywhere!! Just had to say good-bye to the Drama Teen....for now.

Took her back up to Harrisonburg after Mass yesterday. It was so nice to have her at church this week singing with the Choir. After Mass we spent a couple of hours visiting with friends before taking off for Harrisonburg....Not to worry, she'll be back next week . Yay!

What I Wore to Church Sunday


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