Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Food and Excercise Journal for Today

Got up at a decent hour today, for a change...LOL I had a glass of water first thing and then did the Namaste Yoga Workout on FitTv at 8:30am.


Breakfast was Green Tea/one sugar.....a mini wheat bagel with about 1/2 TBSP of Cream Cheese , 2 thin slices honey ham , half a slice of Colby Jack cheese, and one banana.


Decided to try one of the workouts on Excercise TV(0m Demand) . I chose Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred! Whew! Nearly killed myself...LOL! But I got thru it! I had to take a few breathers here and there, but got right back into it as quickly as possible. I definitely feel like I had a good workout...

12:50:Lunch was another Mini Bagel with Ham and Cheese( no Cream Cheese this time and Swiss instead of Colby), two Campari Tomatoes, and a small bowl of Terra Organic Vegetable Chips. And water of course. I try to drink water thruout the day.

Tonight I had plans to attend a Pampered Chef Party where I knew there'd be some good food served....I planned on that being my dinner.....but I was hungry around 5:00ish....so I had a small snack.....one Nature Valley Cashew Bar and a few pieces of Dove Covered Almonds. I've had this bag since March and just eat a few pieces here and there....

We did have a nice meal at the PC Party.....some kind of Chicken Enchilada Casserole..I had a small serving and 3 tortilla chips with Salsa Dip...the hostess also made some desserts..I had a small piece of Sopapilla, and one cookie.

What I Wore Today for Cinco de Mayo

Top- bought at Target last year

Cargos- Walmart about 3 years ago...I've hardly worn them and I'm not sure why....they fit great and looked so cute!! Need to wear them more often.....

and.....aren't these shoes just to DIE for!!

Bought them last summer from Delias Online.

They are my All-Time Favorites!

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