Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life Goes On...

Husband issues have been resolved.....not in the manner I would have liked ...but.. what can you do? Life goes on......

It's been a good two weeks though......Commander FINALLY put steps into motion for me to FINALLY move up to Wisconsin. I have one set of movers coming on Thursday to pack up a few basics to tide me over for the summer......and then next month....another set of movers will be packing up all the rest and keeping it in storage for us, until the WI House is ready for a total move in. So far he has put in the new plumbing for the new master bathroom. And....supposedly he has started putting up some walls upstairs....I should get there just in time to help put up more walls and paint! ( I was kinda hoping I'd get to avoid all that.....but then again.....It'll be nice to be there so I can pick the colors myself..LOL)

and .......the BEST news of the Week????

WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the Buyers LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the house....offered us FULL asking price( which had been reduced quite a bit recently) aren't asking for anything else...and will pay their own closing!! They want to close on the 7th of July! Our Realtor says this is the 'cleanest' contract he's ever seen. We just have to pass the house inspection.....and hope their financing comes thru without a hitch!

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