Friday, July 22, 2005


Oh My!!! It sure has been awhile hasn't it??? Well last I posted we were about to take our Puerto Rico Vacation( which we did...and it was FANTASTIC)...unfortunately on the day we were driving home( from NY where we flew out and in)we got a phone call letting us know my nephew had been killed in a car accident. It was quite tragic..he was only 19 ..same age as my son Nate. We got home Saturday and I flew out Monday to attend his funeral.....needless to say I wasn't in much of a crocheting or blogging mood for a while....then a few weeks later a dear neighbor of our lost her battle with Lukemia....I still can't believe she's gone.....

Now we did have some good times during all I said our PR vaca was April I turned 40!! and DH and my best Friend planned a SUPER Surprise Party for was MORE than I could have hoped for and I was totally shocked...I knew they'd be cooking something up for me but never expected anything of this magnatude( will post pics)...In May my youngest did her Confirmation in the Catholic Church..and in June my other Daughter graduated from HS...she is going to VA Tech...she'll be a HOKIE..LOL.we had Orientation this week.....she is VERY excited!

Like I said earlier though I pretty much lost interest in Crocheting for a while...then this summer I picked up my hook and started on a really pretty table runner.....I am getting close to the finish...unfortunately my camera's not working these days so I can't take a pic of it yet....I do have pics of stuff that's been going on.. though and I'll post those in a minute.

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