Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jam Session!

For the last 5 years Brad and/or the girls and I have particpated in the St Paddy's Day Parade in Norfolk. We are in the parade again this year. Much practicing has been going on. Last night we ahd practice at our church with the Chaplain( for the proestant congregation)to the left on guitar  and his son on drums( in the back). Chaplain joined us last year and we all had a GREAT time. It was MY first year too.
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Here's Britt looking bored while Dad and Chaps jam wtih some 'oldies"
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Rae looking equally Bored
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Sara said...

Isn't it amazing how bored teens can look???

Anonymous said...

Hi Mag, came by to see what yarn project you might be working on and read you are in Norfolk, I was born in Norfolk!!!!! Day after St Patty's day March 18 small world. We moved when I was 9 and I have only been back once when I was 12 but I still miss it. I loved the beachs and the fishing was great, well I remember that because I remember all the fish frys my parents had when we were kids. Well I will be back to visit next week, I enjoy your blog. Tink

Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave you my blog address,

Tink said...

Lets see if this works, I am still so new to this I can't quite figure out how it works yet, Tink


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